Dementia Care in Fareham: Helen and Phillip's Story

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A local couple’s dementia care story

Helen and Phillip* a couple in their late 80s living near Fareham, both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, initially required home support to help Helen maintain her independence through household management tasks like shopping and domestic chores. However, as Helen’s dementia progressed, it became evident that she needed more comprehensive support, particularly with meal preparation and personal care.

*Our clients’ names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality

Dementia care story

Evolving care requirements

The progression of Helen’s condition not only intensified her own care needs but also put a strain on her relationship with Phillip, who was unfamiliar with the nuances of dementia. In response, our team at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport increased their support, which significantly enhanced their quality of life. During this period, it was also discovered that Phillip was exhibiting symptoms of dementia, which were later confirmed by a medical diagnosis.

Addressing dual Dementia challenges

As both Helen and Phillip’s dementia symptoms advanced, their support was adjusted to include visits in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the early evening to assist them with their daily routines. This comprehensive visiting care schedule allowed them to continue living together in their own home.

Crisis management and hospital discharge

The situation took a challenging turn when Helen experienced a fall, resulting in a prolonged hospital stay. This incident left her fearful of returning home, while Phillip felt increasingly lost without her. Despite recommendations and the family’s inclination that it was time to move them into a care home, Home Instead Fareham proposed a time-limited trial return to their home. We collaborated with hospital occupational therapists and a local mobility provider to adapt the home environment, ensuring it was safe for Helen’s return.

Successfully and safely returning home, instead of a care home

Upon Helen’s discharge from hospital, Home Instead increased the frequency of visits to provide both Helen and Phillip with reassurance. As Helen regained confidence, the level of support was gradually reduced. With emotional support from our dedicated and consistent care team and visiting Care Professionals, Helen’s return home was a success, demonstrating that with the right support, even those with significant care needs can continue living at home.

Ongoing support and community reintegration

Currently, Helen and Phillip receive support three times a day, every day of the week. This arrangement costs approximately one-third of what residential care would, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of in-home care. Moreover, with ongoing support, Helen has successfully reintegrated into her local church congregation, enhancing her social interactions and overall well-being.

Home Instead Fareham Home care support

Conclusion: Demonstrating the viability of dementia care at home

This case study illustrates that with careful planning it is feasible for couples living with dementia to continue residing in their own home, supported by well-planned and compassionate care. Helen and Phillip’s story shows that with a committed care team and carefully managed plans, individuals and couples living with dementia can maintain a high quality of life in familiar surroundings. Home Instead Fareham’s approach ensures that our clients, like Helen and Phillip, can live contentedly at home, surrounded by memories and the community they love.

For those facing similar challenges, Home Instead Fareham and Gosport offers a proven track record of providing exceptional dementia care, and is recognised as outstanding by the CQC. Our approach is to ensure that every client receives the care they need to live as independently as possible at home.

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*Our clients’ names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality