A Case Study in Accepting Care & Building Trust: Jean's Story

Discover how Home Instead Fareham and Gosport's personalised care approach helped Jean, a former Wren living with Alzheimer’s, retain her independence and dignity at home.

Introduction to Jean’s Needs

Jean* is a dignified former Wren – member of the Woman’s Royal Naval Service – and now a widow, and lives alone in her long-standing family home in Stubbington. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018, Jean’s condition likely began affecting her well before her diagnosis. She often gets confused about the time of day and struggles with daily tasks, which has caused her considerable anxiety and led her to become socially isolated.

*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality

Challenges in accepting care at home

Jean’s daughters, particularly concerned about her declining ability to manage day-to-day activities, encountered difficulties finding a care provider that Jean would accept. Due to her very private nature, Jean was wary of new visitors and resisted typical in-home care setups. After several unsuccessful attempts with other providers, her daughter contacted us at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, hoping for a different approach.

Challenges in accepting care

Matching a Care Professional with Jean

Recognising Jean’s unique challenges and preferences, our team at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport proposed an innovative strategy to build trust and introduce care. Jean has a lifelong love for dogs, which we used to our advantage by pairing her with a Care Professional who also owned a friendly dog. Their first meeting was arranged at a local coffee shop, presented as a friendly visit rather than a formal care session, to make Jean feel at ease.

Matching a Care Professional

Gradual introduction and building trust

This initial setup facilitated twice-weekly visits that focused on general welfare checks and building a relationship, rather than direct care. These visits appeared as casual check-ins from a friend. Over the course of four weeks, the frequency of visits were increased to five times a week. Our Care Professional often brought her dog and invited Jean for walks, integrating social interaction and physical activity in a way that felt natural and unforced.

Increasing care as trust developed

After establishing a strong bond over six weeks, we introduced another Care Professional to Jean. This new Care Professional was introduced as a friend of the first, which helped maintain the continuity and comfort that Jean valued. By the tenth week, support for Jean was expanded to three daily visits, during which we supported her with meals, medication, shopping, and household tasks, alongside the companionship that had become so crucial to her.

Impact on Jean’s life and her family

The tailored approach significantly improved Jean’s quality of life and allowed her to maintain her independence longer than her daughters had thought possible. They reported remarkable improvements in her well-being and were reassured by the consistent and compassionate care provided. Jean’s expression of gratitude, telling her Care Professional during a seaside walk that she made her “feel like a queen,” shows the incredible positive impact of the care received.

Conclusion: Our commitment to personalised care

Jean’s story shows our commitment to home care solutions that respect individual needs and preferences. Our flexible approach not only addresses the practical aspects of home care but also considers the emotional wellbeing of our clients and long term outcomes. This case highlights how personalised and thoughtful care can enable individuals with dementia to continue living at home with dignity and joy.

For families considering home care, we offer a partnership that respects the dignity of every individual, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met with compassion and professionalism. 

Our Commitment to Personalised Care

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*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality