Support for Family Carers in our Community

An estimated 5 million people are providing unpaid care in the UK, with many at breaking point

Starting a conversation around care is not always easy…

If you’re the person faced with finding care for a loved one, it can be daunting, and even approaching the topic with the person needing support, can be tough.

Very often, care services are sought at crisis point, when those requiring guidance are most vulnerable. Family members, friends or representatives (such as POA’s) then attempt to put support in place urgently – often without really knowing what the wishes of the individual concerned, really are.

There are an estimated 5 million plus people providing unpaid care in the UK. A recent survey* of 2000 participants by Home Instead UK, revealed that of those providing care, a majority 88 percent neglect their own health and wellbeing as a result, with 65 percent struggling with their mental health and sadly, over 30 percent feeling that they are at breaking point.

The results of the survey, conducted by Savanta*, are hugely insightful, and compound the need for a new momentum to help those in need. Click HERE to view the full results.

Those needing care may be resistant, scared, or perhaps offended at the suggestion that they need support. However, with a delicate and reasoned approach, what often emerges is the fact that preparing for the unforeseen, and knowing that there is a plan in place, ultimately gives huge peace of mind to all concerned.

Conducting research via trusted sources such as or the CQC, identifying options and perhaps setting up companionship support initially, can ease a person into the idea of ‘care’, whilst feeling independent and in control – which is vital. This approach also means that as, when and if needs change or increase, the home care provider team are a familiar and reassuring point of contact, rather than an unknown entity.

Those new to the care journey will have many questions. To support this, our team at Home Instead Exeter & East Devon have created a useful ‘Home Care Checklist’ document to enable the easy comparison of the services available. Contact us to access your free copy.

As the only southwest home care provider rated as officially ‘outstanding in ALL areas of inspection’ by the CQC, we are confident that we can provide the perfect plan for all concerned. With a range of options – including Live-In Care for individuals, and couples too – we aim to provide truly tailor made care. In all regards, time, ‘Care Conversations’ and forward planning are vital, in order to prepare for the best outcome. We are here to help.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team regarding your own needs and wishes, or those of a loved one or private client, please don’t hesitate. Call 01395 200600 or visit HERE.