Mobility: At the Heart of Successful Ageing

The aim of later life is to spend those years in good health...

We have long had an ongoing mission to connect with our counterparts across the community, in order to signpost the right support, care and advice to those that need it, in a timely manner.

Our Community Talks & Events projects aim to raise awareness in the hope that early intervention can enable positive outcomes and even avoid some of the challenges, obstacles and issues that later life can present. Whilst people in England can expect to live far longer than ever before, the aim must be to spend those years in good health.

One organisation that we are very pleased to be working alongside is Pyramid Health, of Exmouth who like ourselves, firmly believe that mobility is one factor at the heart of successful ageing.

Mike Richards, Chiropractor at Pyramid Health, has some words of wisdom to share when it comes to the question: What is Mobility?

“Mobility means more than just walking around. Mobility is independence; being able to do the housework, walk to the shops or even just get out of a chair unaided means that we can live life on our own terms as we age if we’re able to stay mobile.”

“Not only that, but from a health standpoint, staying mobile can prevent numerous ailments. Regular movement helps combat heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and significantly reduces the risk of falls – a common yet preventable concern among older adults. Exercise not only puts years on your life, but life in your years too!”

Even the smallest activity, or minimal movement can be of benefit to our Clients, so tasks such as a simple game of dominos, completing a jigsaw puzzle, taking a stroll around the garden to direct their Care Professional with maintenance or in a more directed manner, following low-intensity at-home mobility exercises – such as those suggested by Pyramid – can be suitable for varying activity levels.

The Pyramid team encourage those seeking support with their mobility, or wanting to explore ways that exercise can be used to improve health, to speak to their GP or to contact Pyramid Health to book an appointment with their physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists and to access advice. Clients can do this by calling 01395 911493 or by visiting the Pyramid Health website HERE. There are even some concessions for friends of Home Instead – use the code INSTEAD when booking to take advantage of their current offer.*

For further information regarding our own CQC ‘Outstanding in all areas’ care and companionship services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01395 200600, via email at [email protected]. For daily updates and a positive approach to later life living, follow us on Facebook @hiexetereastdevon HERE.

*Offer runs for a limited period only.