Care Professional Questions?
You Can Care!

If you're considering a Devon based career in care, read on...

Sometimes, misconceptions about the role of Care Professional can get in the way of an ideal candidate applying to join our team at Home Instead Exeter & East Devon. If you have ever considered a career in care, read on, and let us explain exactly why #youcancare…

“I know that I would be a great companion to an older person, but I don’t think I feel comfortable with helping someone wash or bathe.”

This concern is a really common one. Put simply, ‘personal care’ can relate to a wide range of tasks that an individual may need support or guidance with. This could be help with dressing, doing up buttons or choosing appropriate clothing for the weather, brushing of hair, and sometimes bathing or using the bathroom. Because of our one-hour minimum visit approach, time is there to be able to encourage the client to do tasks themselves, so you are doing things with rather than for an individual, and there is a big difference. Taking this approach encourages independence, and that benefits the client in the long run. So, whilst in some instances there is a need for full support, very often the Care Professional is a guide and enabler. It’s also really important to note that if you are taking a more active role in the personal care side of a visit, you will only be doing so once you are fully trained, feel completely confident and once you have built up a bond with your client. That makes all the difference. At every step, our Care Professionals are supported, both with training and with shadow visits (where they accompany a co-Care Professional) from the support team.

“I really loved the idea of being a Care Professional, but I have no experience at all. My background has always been office based. Is there any point in me applying?”

Of course, you should apply! At Home Instead, our team members come from a range of backgrounds, with experience in a range of business sectors, and they span the decades with regard to age – that’s how we build the talented and diverse team that we are so proud of and demonstrates our pledge to be an Age-Friendly Employer – the first home care company in the southwest region to do so. Take a look at some of the Care Professional Catch Up features on our website for examples. We look for just two key characteristics in an applicant: kindness and empathy. Our full and ongoing training programme and Personalised Career Pathways scheme will enable you to be capable in all the other skills needed. We provide the highest level of care to our Clients, so you can be sure that the training you receive will be really thorough and will give you the confidence that you need as you start your new career in care. Plus, there are always opportunities for development, with regular day courses to boost your own knowledge and CV, with the option of further qualifications via our popular Personalised Career Pathways scheme. Whatever your experience, we encourage our team and applicants to ‘tell us what you need to succeed.’

“What if there is a problem when I am with a client? I am not sure if I will be able to manage on my own”.

You are not on your own. We are proud to say that at Home Instead, our Care Professional feedback consistently shows that our team feel very much supported – resulting in a 5 Star Employer in Care Award for the sixth year running. This supportive attitude comes from the top down, as we are part of a large and connected, national Home Instead network. Offices work together regionally too, in order to share best practice. Most importantly, at an individual office level, ours is an ‘officially outstanding’ team that work extremely hard to communicate with one another. As a Home Instead Care Professional, help really is just a phone call away. The majority of the office support team are active Care Professionals themselves, and all are willing to ‘down tools’ and step up, if need be. If you ever find that you are having a crisis of confidence or a query with regard to processes (with the Care Professional communication app, for example), all you need to do is ask, and the help will be there.

“I am used to being office based and really want a change. Will becoming a Care Professional mean I am swapping being in an office for being stuck in a client’s home?”

You don’t need to worry. Of course, there are some clients that are very much more comfortable remaining at home. Sometimes though, the support of a trusted friend and Care Professional can really give them the confidence and incentive to get back out into the community. Other clients are really keen to explore and are more than willing. In all situations, the role of the Care Professional is to support, so listening to the needs and wishes of the client, gaining trust and confidence, is key to a happy partnership. We have compiled a list of ‘Client & Care Professional Friendly Venues’ as part of our Out Instead Project. This list includes local cafés, coffee shops, restaurants and other places of interest that can offer easy access, a warm welcome and often, a level of Dementia awareness, with their teams having taken part on one of our Dementia awareness workshops. It is our aim to change the face of aging, and by that we mean that we want people to be seen as the person, not the age. Our clients still enjoy socialising, they have opinions, thoughts and experiences to share, and really can be great company, whatever the situation.

“I don’t mind working on my own, but I do want to meet people and feel like I am part of a team. Is that possible in the role as a Care Professional?”

Of course! We have regular meet ups, work related and just for fun – organised by dedicated Social Reps – a Care Professional Council, who are the voice of the Care Professional team, a newsletter to keep team members up to date with work related info along with a focus on wellbeing, and a really active and welcoming Care Professional Facebook group and Book Group, which have been the source of lots of firm friendships. Other regular events, such as the Care Professional Picnics, yoga classes and Menopause Meetups are also of real value.

“I know that there are lots of jobs available in the care sector, but how do I choose which company I want to work for?”

Make a check list – in fact, use ours! You can request a copy from our Team. Like any industry, there are a wide range of options available to an employee in the care sector. The Care Quality Commission are the organisation responsible for inspecting and rating the companies that operate within this sector. Inspections are full and thorough and cover elements of care and also of employment, assessing if we are ‘Well-Led’. Whilst many companies achieve a ‘good’ rating in some areas of inspection, very few achieve Outstanding. Rarer still, is a care provider achieving Outstanding in ALL 5 areas of inspection and we are proud to say that we are one such company. In fact, Home Instead Exeter & East Devon is the only home care provider in the southwest to hold a ‘5 Star Outstanding in ALL Areas’ rating, and we are one of just nine home care companies UK wide, to hold that award. You can find out more about the CQC, HERE. As an employee, it’s wise to compare some really basic points. Does the employer pay above National Living Wage? Will you get paid for the hours you work, PLUS travel AND waiting time? Will the employer offer you insurance and a DBS check? Will you be able to have access to an employee Assistance programme to promote wellbeing and support your mental health? Will you get a mobile phone allowance, be eligible for social care discounts or get paid Birthday leave? Home Instead are able to say ‘yes’ to all of the above and more, and these assurances form the basis for our 5* Employer status. Still not sure? Read our recent article which explains more, HERE.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to have a chat. Take a look around our website HERE, follow us on Facebook HERE for daily updates or give us a call on 01395 200600.