Celebrating Five Years of Community

On Tuesday, 31st October, Home Instead Epping Forest participated in the fifth-anniversary celebration of the Dementia Friendly Short Mat Indoor Bowls Group in North Weald Bassett.

For several years, the team at Home Instead Epping Forest have supported this wonderful group, encouraging our clients and community members to attend these gatherings. These events have become more than just bowling sessions and have become a place of friendship and understanding for those living with dementia.

Throughout the events, participants have found comfort in making new friends and sharing their thoughts and experiences, as these events are more than just a game of bowls, they are places of support, a place where individuals find comfort in the company of others who truly understand their journey.

The bowling sessions bring joy to everyone involved as well as physical and mental wellness, allowing participants to enjoy the game at their own pace. Many also enjoy watching, chatting and enjoying a nice cup of tea!

On this special occasion, the celebration was elevated with additional games like Crazy Golf and Skittles. Jim Heppel the Chairman, presented a speech, supported by the dedicated members of the committee. Together, they cut the celebratory cake, a token of gratitude presented by Home Instead.

The team at Home Instead Epping Forest would like to extend sincere thanks to Jim, Terry, Doreen, Lynn, Jan, and all the volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to make these gatherings possible. Their commitment creates an environment where compassion knows no bounds and where the spirit of community thrives.