Home Care – How Staying Home Can Be Much Safer

Ensuring You Select the Best Care For Your Loved One

Have you been wondering what care and support would be best for your loved one? There is no doubt that in today's climate, its imperative that you gain a full understanding of how safe the care and support is, what is included with your care and how costly the care is going to be. 

If you are unsure whether home care or care homes are a better option, rest assured that one thing they both have in common is that your loved one will be looked after by a professional expert as much as they need. 

We have broken down the benefits of home care and how it can be a much safer option for those who need daily support. 

Protecting Your Loved One From COVID-19

Helping to Shield Those Who Are Vulnerable 

There is no doubt that unfortunately, COVID-19 is going to be around for a while.  

Our priority is ensuring we shield your loved ones from contracting the virus and reduce any risk to them as much as possible. At Home Instead, our CAREGivers are highly trained specialists who have a full understanding of infection control and can help support your loved ones while in isolation, all in the comfort of their own home. 

High-Quality Home Care

Keeping You in the Comfort of Your Own Home 

Staff at care homes have a lot of other responsibilities other than looking after your loved one, of course, if there were an emergency, they would be right by their side. It's important to keep in mind that other tasks and other priorities around the care home will be attended to making one on one time more limited. 

When our CAREGivers are appointed to looking after a client, that client gets 100% of the CAREGivers attention. Anything that is needed will be provided to your loved one immediately. 

Our CAREGivers provide more in-depth care & support and ensure that your loved one's needs are met around their schedule and not the other way around. 

Weighing Up the Costs A good care home will cost in the region of around £33,000 on average and much more if specialist care is required. Our care packages and prices are tailored to an individual's needs, so if it's only a few hours per day support required, this is what we will build your pricing around. 

Home care is much more flexible; we understand that circumstances change and most importantly, we know the importance of remaining in your own home. While good care homes can provide care and a sense of community to the elderly, it can be overwhelming and scary for someone to leave their home and be surrounded by new faces and people. 

Care at home allows your loved one to remain in their own homes and retain their sense of independence and dignity, which is so very important to them. It's the little things such as the fact that your elderly loved one can stay with a beloved pet or partner; these things can make such a difference to their sense of wellbeing and mental health. 

Benefits of Home Care 

  • Support and assistance when you need it
  • No need to move home or relocate
  • Independence & Boosted Well Being
  • True Companionship
  • The same CAREGiver each visit
  • Enables families or couples to stay together All CAREGivers are highly trained
  • All CAREGivers are DBS CheckedWe are a multi-award winning home care provider  

Support We Can Offer 

  • Home Independence
  • Home Recovery
  • Home Support
  • Dementia Care including Alzheimer's 
  • Personal Care
  • Companionship Care
  • Home Help & Housekeeping  

Do You Have Questions? 

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