How Home Instead Enfield is Helping Prevent Bed Blocking

We're tackling a big issue for the NHS—bed blocking—directly.

What is Bed Blocking?

Bed Blocking happens when patients can’t leave the hospital because there isn’t enough care for them afterwards. It’s a big problem that not only puts pressure on our hospitals but also affects the health of patients. 

In Enfield, with our lively community, we see this problem a lot, and it’s clear we need smart ways to solve it.

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Home Instead Enfield's Approach to Bed Blocking

At Home Instead Enfield, we’re on the front lines, working with the community and local hospitals like North Middlesex University Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, The Kings Oak Hospital, and The Cavell Hospital. We want to make sure everyone in our town gets the care they need.

Our home care services are key to stopping people from needing to go to the hospital when it’s not necessary. We offer care that’s just right for each person, dealing with health issues early and in the comfort of their own homes.

This kind of care keeps our community healthier and helps make more hospital beds available for those who really need them.

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Choosing Home Instead Enfield for Home Care

Contacting us at Home Instead Enfield to arrange home care is an important first step when you’re getting ready to leave the hospital. We make sure you have a care plan that fits you perfectly, ready for when you get home. Our dedicated Care Management Team will discuss your needs in detail during a free face-to-face consultation with care arrangements tailored to your needs.

It’s not just about leaving the hospital; it’s about moving into a time of recovery with care that understands and supports you, your local community, and your way of life.

We’re here for you from the moment you decide to arrange care, making your move back home as easy as possible and help you live an independent and fulfilled life at home for as long as possible.

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The Benefits of Tailored Care

The care our team provides will help you recover, reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to visit the hospital again, and give you peace of mind. Read through our care services to see how we can help families in many different situations.

With Home Instead Enfield, you’ve got support for everything from managing medicines to everyday tasks. You can focus on getting better in your own home, where everything is familiar and comforting and your road to recovery is much quicker.

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