A Fantastic Silver Sunday Outing to Southend-on-Sea

A trip organised by Home Instead Enfield to combat loneliness and making friends!

As part of Silver Sunday, (a national day dedicated to older people) we organised a trip to the seaside!

The event was supported by Home Instead Charities, and from all of us we want to say THANK YOU because it brought together 55 people from the Enfield community, including some individuals living with dementia.

Back to the trip…

So, we jumped on a coach, all extremely excited to spend the day together at Southend-on-Sea! 

Once we got there we enjoyed some seriously yummy Fish and Chips at Beaches Restaurant. Let me tell you, they really were the best Fish and Chip we’ve all had in ages! With the sea right in front of us, the whole experience was just perfect.

And just to finish the day off, we treated ourselves to delicious ice creams just before getting back on the coach.

It was such an incredible day out

The whole day was filled with laughter and the creation of new friendships. Plus, we lucked out with the weather! 

These trips mean the world to us; keeping our community close and giving everyone, especially our friends with dementia, a chance to make special memories and experience new things. And for our friends with mobility issues, these outings bring joy and a chance to see new things without the struggle.

Alexandra said: “We were thrilled about our day trip as it was a chance for us to extend our support and appreciation to older adults in the community. Greeting new and old faces marking this important occasion was truly heartwarming.”

Days like this one truly remind us of the power of friendship and support. 

We really hope to organise more trips just like this one. So we can have lots more days filled with laughter, good company, and the warmth of companionship.