Our Day in Bishops Stortford on the Stall!

Last weekend, Myself [Jo] and David, plus Emily and Julie from the Alzheimer Society set up a stall along Bishops Stortford High Street, amidst the bustling market traders. Our aim was to spread awareness and provide care information to the public.

The atmosphere along Bishops Stortford High Street was lively and vibrant as market traders showcased their products and services. David, Emily, Julie, and I were thrilled to be part of the action! We were really pleased that our stall, adorned with informative materials, stood out among the other sellers. 

We were so eager to interact with members of the public! As we love having conversations and answering questions.

Having this stall was a brilliant way to help and connect with people who were interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s and our services.

The Methodist Church: Home to the New Support Group for Unpaid Carers

David and I took a brief detour to the Methodist Church as the day progressed. We were excited to attend a new support event designed specifically for unpaid carers. The Methodist Church, nestled in the heart of Bishops Stortford, offered a peaceful setting for this gathering. Our hope was to reach out to those who could benefit from our impartial advice and support.

To facilitate our efforts, we enlisted the help of Guppy, our trusty GPs companion. Guppy assisted us by sending text messages to patients registered at the Doctors who identified as potential beneficiaries of our services. By reaching out to them directly, we aimed to encourage more people to come forward and engage with us, seeking the assistance they deserved.

Community is Important!

We’re always trying to support local businesses. So David couldn’t resist the temptation of a salted beef baguette from a nearby stall!

Being part of the community has always been important to us, and we relished in the opportunity to indulge in the delicious offerings of our neighbouring traders.

Overall, our day in Bishops Stortford was eventful and productive! The stall was a wonderful way to be part of the community. It allowed us to connect with the public and spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and the invaluable services we all provide.

And we loved that we could support other businesses! 

We look forward to future opportunities to engage with the public, extend our support, and continue making a positive impact in Bishops Stortford and beyond.