Halloween at Home Instead: David, Jo, and the Mischievous THING!

Home Instead East Herts celebrated Halloween as David and Jo brought their spooktacular style to the office and a creepy hand invaded!

Halloween at Home Instead?

In a true nod to the Halloween spirit, David dazzled us with his fantastic costume and Jo made an excellent Wednesday Addams. They brought smiles and laughter to the whole team. The office atmosphere took on a lively vibe, with us all thoroughly enjoying the spooky energy.

However, stealing the spotlight was an unexpected guest – the mischievous Thing who decided to join in on the fun! It roamed around the office, surprising and haunting everyone with its unexpected antics. It definitely added an extra layer of amusement to our Halloween festivities, turning the day into a delightful mix of laughter and unexpected surprises.

As David and Jo’s costumes, along with the playful Things antics, took centre stage, our workplace became a hub of camaraderie and merriment. Laughter echoed through the office as David and Jo worked in their costumes, and the creepy hand spiced things up by putting him in fun positions.

Halloween at Home Instead wasn’t just spooktacular; it was a reminder that a bit of laughter and creativity can brighten even the most ordinary workday.

It was a day filled with smiles, costumes, and a few delightful scares!  View More Photos here: