Attending Emily’s Alzheimer's Support Group

We [Jo & David] were so excited on the drive down to Bishops Stortford, to participate in Emily’s Alzheimer’s Society support group. We knew that it would be a valuable opportunity to connect with individuals dealing with Alzheimers. But also to get to know what individuals  needs are to improve our services.

Upon arrival, we were delighted to see familiar faces, including our NHS social prescriber, Guppy!

Unleashing the Power of Effective Communication

During the support group, a lively debate ensued about the importance of effective communication in fostering understanding and empathy. Recognising its significance, David Bassett took the initiative to facilitate better communication among all attendees. He swiftly set up a WhatsApp group and created a new Facebook page, making sure that channels for connection and support were readily available.

Since establishing this WhatsApp group, it has enabled the support group members to communicate instantly! Creating a sense of community beyond the confines of physical meetings. Plus, the creation of a Facebook page opened the doors to broader engagement and information sharing. Which has been brilliant.

Attending Emily’s Alzheimer’s Society support group in Bishops Stortford was an enlightening experience!

  • It highlighted the significance of effective communication.
  • Created an understanding.
  • Enabled us to come up with a way to support each other.

At Home Instead East Herts, we will continue our journey of empowering individuals affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia through. Not only through our meaningful interactions and compassionate support, but by attending specialised events to learn more and to get more involved in the community.