What's the difference Home Care VS Live In Care

Home Instead East Fife offer a variety of care packages from :
Personal care, Companionship, Home Help, Waking Nights , Sleep nights and Live in Care, what's the difference?

Choosing the correct Care Package for you/your family member?. What's the differences.

We offer a Variety of different Care Packages that suit the needs and wants of you/your family member.

There are differences in each packages we offer and knowing what is more suitable for you/your family member can be difficult thats why we are here to help guide you in the correct way. Every Care package includes Companionship.

We cover East Fife areas and surroundings such as Glenrothes, Leven, Kirkcaldy, Cupar, Ludin Links, St Andrews and the East Neuk area.

Personal Care

Our Personal Care services ensure that we help keep independence. We are there to support with daily living such as showering, bathing, dressing, drying your hair etc helping you/your family to stay at home.

  • Keeps your daily routine and lifestyle with support from our care professionals.
  • Gives you peace of mind that you/your loved one is cared for and able to do there daily routine.
  • Takes place in your own home with dignity.
  • Enables your loved one to remain living at home.


Companionship is very important, as we get older we can get more lonely. Loneliness can have serious effects on a person’s health in general and mental health. Here at Home Instead East Fife we aim to help overcome loneliness, build a relationship and spend time with you/your family doing the social things they like from chatting, watching television going a walk etc.

Companionship Care can:

  • Make sure you or your loved one have company and someone to socialize with.
  • Help to build confidence in going outside the home, with going walks, going a drive and social events.
  • Help families take a rest from caring with peace of mind

Home help

We help with daily household home help, from general tidying, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, ironing, Putting Bins out and help feed family pets etc. We keep your independence and will support doing the tasks either along beside you or for you. We like to keep your family home safe, clean and how you would want it to be. 

  • Helps to keep your home clean and tidy
  • Gives you support with daily routines and household activities. 
  • Maintains social engagement and helping you/your family stay active.


Sleep Nights

Sleep Night is when the care professional sleeps in your home while you sleep. The care professional would have there own room/space in you/your family members home so they have their own personal space.

This is ideal for those who do not need care during the night.

  • Makes you feel more secure during the night.
  • Help with bed time routine, showering, dressing and getting you/your family member in bed.
  • Help with early morning routines, breakfast, showering, dressing getting you ready for the day.
  • Reassurance during the night if you need help/support.
  • Help with Dementia, or memory loss in the late evenings/ night.

If there is 3 or more distributions to the care professional during the night it would then turn into a Waking Night.

Waking Nights 

Waking Night is where the Care Professional is awake and working throughout the night. The care professional is there to help support you with anything you need during the night such as bathroom assistance, medication administration etc.

This is ideal for those who need support during the night.

  • Reassurance during the night for support.
  • Help with orientating the time of day/night as it can be confusing and switched around.
  • Make sure you/your family member is safe, comfortable during the night.

Live in Care

Live In care is where the Care Professional lives within you/your family’s home. The care professional would require a break between the day and have their own room to stay in that is their own personal space to rest in and keep belongings in. The care professional would also need to get 11 hours continuous rest after 10 hour shift.

This is ideal for those who may live alone and require more care but wish to stay independent at home or their loved ones need a rest.

  • Reassurance on daily/night routines.
  • Giving your loved ones rest and support.
  • Medication, meals and daily routines support.
  • Keeping your love one safe and independent in there own home/ environment with their memories.

We are here to help guide you to find out what package would be best to suit you/your families needs, wants and wishes.