Historic places to visit

We Recommend Visiting these Historic places for a nice day out.

The Scottish Deer Centre - Cupar

The Scottish Deer Centre is situated in the Bow of Fife, not far from Cupar. It is a lovely day out with a wide variety of deer, birds of prey, bears, wolves and many more. There are several food outlets and shops ranging from a Whiskey shop to the Edinburgh Woolen Mill. The park itself is very informative, there are regularly falconry shows and feeding talks for the animals.
‘The Deer Centre is great local place for a full day out or just a couple of hours. There are plenty of animals to view, play areas and activities to keep children amused, and lots of options for food and shopping.  It really is a great day out for everyone in the family.’ Samantha Bease

The Secret Bunker - Crail

If you love history and are keen to learn more about what happened during the wars then The Secret Bunker is the place for you, it is situated just outside St Andrews. What looks like a normal Farm House is actually a Secret Bunker 100 ft underground. The Bunker was built in 1953, and was built by the RAF incase of threat from the USSR. It has many different rooms to visit over two levels. It also has a small cafe where you can have some refreshments.

Macduff Castle & Wymess Caves - East Wymess

Macduff castle was built in the 14th century as the home of the Wemyss family, who are from the Macduff clan. However when the Wemysses joined forces with Robert the Bruce, King Edward I of England ordered its destruction. The Castle is said to be haunted by a Grey Lady whos the ghost of a lady called Mary Sibbald.

The castle ruins are still standing along for you to see, You can also walk along the costal path and see the Caves. Wemyss Caves are home to the largest collection of Pictish-inscribed symbols. These remarkable carvings match carvings of symbols and animals found throughout Pictish territory in early medieval Scotland.

St Andrews Old Course

St Andrews is known worldwide for its Golf and its University. St Andrews is the home of golf, it was the place where Golf was first played over 600 years ago. There are currently seven courses you can play, St Andrews has hosted The Golf Open every five years since 1873.