Being Prepared for the Colder Month's Ahead

Its a good time to plan ahead for the colder months and make sure your home or your family's home is prepared.


Making sure your home or your family’s home is fully prepared for the Winter month’s ahead can save you time, stress and make the winter month’s more relaxing.

We have some tips on how to manage the colder months ahead from Home prep, Vehicle prep & Personal care prep.


  • The Roof is secure & Gutters are clean and sturdy for leaks, wear and tare etc ( Contact professional’s to do this – we do not advise you do this yourself.
  • House is insulated :  Checking the Loft/attic for insulation and no draughts.
  • Boiler, Heating system & Radiators : Get them serviced, check that heating and Radiators are working correctly.
  • Fire/Chimneys : Do Safety checks on these and make sure they are working correctly and are cleaned/maintained.
  • Smoke detectors & Carbon Monoxide : Make sure these are working correctly, are the up to date requirements and maintained.
  • Outside Lighting : Checking outside lights work, they are easy to turn on and in good layout of garden.


Making sure your Vehicle or your family’s is fully prepared for the Winter month’s ahead can save you time, stress and money especially as we all rely on our Cars/Vans etc. 


  • MOT : Is this up to date, keeping up to date on MOT can save you unnecessary stress
  • Tyres : Does your car need Winter tyres. Is there enough tread on them and making sure you have air in them.
  • Anti Freeze/ Oil : Checking levels for both, Both are very important to keep your car/van healthy and stop overheating.
  • Screenwash: Do you regularly check the level before you travel.  Always have some spare in house.
  • Lights : Does your headlights,brakelights and fog lights all work?.   Checking regularly and maintained is key.
  • Emergency kit : Do you have an emergency kit in your car, such as blanket, water, snacks, torch, first aid kit etc. – This can come in very handy when breakdown or stranded due to weather.


Making sure your Garden or your family’s is fully prepared for the Winter month’s ahead can save you time, stress and keep you safe during the Winter.


  • Trimming and pruning : Maintenance on your garden plants/flowers to keep them alive. ( covers for some plants that may need it )
  • Storing Furniture : storing your furniture away to keep it from being ruined and also from being a danger of walking into or falling over when covered in snow or slippy outside.
  • Sheds/greenhouse: Check for leaks, Draughts etc. Roof Secure and is there lights to see inside or on the outside.
  • Pathways/driveways: Check for loose slabs. Making sure all secure and if you need lights etc to guide you down do they work.
  • Equipment :   Having Salts/grit and shovels to grit or move snow from footpaths/drives etc and stop you sliding.


Making sure you yourself with Personal care and or your family’s is fully prepared for the Winter month’s ahead can save you time, worry and stress.


  • Medicine cupboard : Medication is accessible, make sure deliveries are all scheduled.  Check all medication regularly.
  • Personal : Hair, skin care, Foot care, Joint care colds and flus etc – all essentials are in.
  • Food : Making sure there is food, bread, milk essentials.  Food deliveries booked or visitors who are near by as backup.
  • Active: Staying active and healthy with socializing, visitors, phone calls, walks even around the home when weather is bad outside.
  • Warmth : Healthy foods, hydrated. Heating and blankets and warm clothing.
  • Clothing : Warm clothing, non slip footwear, layering, gloves, scarfs and hats.
  • Visitors : Knowing regular visitors and knowing who can visit that’s closer if you are unable to.
  • Contacts : Having contact numbers down for emergencies, people who can help, any doctor numbers etc.