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Part time Weekend Jobs don’t have to be monotonous or boring! Working as a Care Assistant is a wonderful job and an excellent opportunity to gain extra income.

From assisting with personal hygiene and dressing to assisting with food and beverage preparation, general household chores, and even administering critical medication, there is a role for anyone who would like to choose Care as their Career. 

Are you seeking work hours that are available on Saturdays and Sundays?

With great hours that can be tailored to your schedule and your personal and family obligations?

Have you ever considered pursuing a career as an In-Home Carer?

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Carers in Care - What Our Care Professionals Say

“This is a very rewarding job and I feel I make a real difference to the lives of my clients. I feel valued as a caregiver and I am well paid and looked after even when I need time off for family stuff.”

“I have worked for Home Instead for nearly 3 years and have never worked for a more caring company, the extensive training programme is the best training I have ever been put through. Home Instead believes in delivering outstanding care and this really shows, the support I receive is brilliant and I love working for a company that’s care focused and supportive.”

“Excellent culture, always positive. Great team work environment. Encouraged to progress. Training is really informative. The best place I have worked, I wouldn’t work anywhere else now I have been here. Support for all Care Professionals is brilliant and the Office Team are knowledgeable and caring.”

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Become a Weekend Care Assistant

Become a Home Instead Care Professional! Home Instead East Dorset offers specialised home care and personalised care services to our local communities. 

We currently have fantastic opportunities for you to work for the highest-rated care company in the United Kingdom!

No personal experience is required to be a Care at Home Professional. All training will be provided to you in this amazing opportunity! We want you to be able to give exceptional care to our elderly clients.

Please find out how you can join our care family and work as a Community Care Professional at Home Instead East Dorset.

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Why Apply to Work Weekends For Home Instead East Dorset?

Apply to work weekends with an outstanding team with a stellar reputation and a great deal of enthusiasm for assisting senior people in the comfort of their own residence instead of being in a Care Home.

Take advantage of this brilliant opportunity to start a weekend job in your local area that you LOVE! 

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. Enabling them to enjoy long, full, and happy lives.

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Who is Home Instead?

At Home Instead East Dorset, we assist our amazing clients in the comfort of their own homes by providing high-quality care tailored to each client’s specific needs and delivered promptly. We hope to restore our customers’ quality of life with our services while also providing an alternative to residential care.

For anyone seeking a new career, a change of direction, some extra weekend work or a satisfying feeling that comes from giving something back to your community, we have the weekend job you are looking for! 

Caregiving is honestly one of the most gratifying professions you could ever embark on.

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The Job Description for Care Assistant Weekends

For our care team to truly get to know our clients’ individualised care needs, we sit down and work with them and their families to figure out a plan to provide exceptional care. Meaning that every job can differ from client to client.

Typical daily tasks for part-time hours performed during a weekend care visit include the following:

  • Personal care includes hygiene, assistance with mobility, using the restroom, and getting ready for bed.
  • Domestic Tasks like light housework and assisting our client with food preparation and cooking.
  • Activities involving companionship
  • Taking a client to appointments, social outings and shopping.
  • We require a minimum visit of an hour with regular clients, but a couple of hours makes a true difference.
  • We do require that you have a valid UK Driving Licence.

A friendly individual working a couple of days per week in social care can make a massive difference to people.

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Previous Experience

For this Part-time work opportunity, you don’t need to have any prior experience!

Exciting opportunities lie in this part-time position! And it is ideal for individuals who need extra income and looking to help others and make a real difference to people and their quality of life. 

If you need a weekend job or a new rewarding career that:

  • Makes a real difference to our amazing clients.
  • Perhaps have some spare time to pop in to help regular clients.
  • Believe in compassionate care and high quality of care.
  • Need a second job but want to work with a friendly team with a wide range of opportunities.

Then you should give one of our offices a call today!

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What jobs can I do on a weekend?

Stop the search! This is your perfect weekend job near you! Yes, you could easily pick up a couple of shifts at the supermarket or work a few hours behind the bar at the weekend. But why not do something meaningful? Why not become a Carer and help individuals that need support? A Career in Care in your local area will benefit many of our elderly clients. 

How can I make extra money on the weekend?

Becoming a Care Assistant is a great way to make extra money at the weekend! Supporting and helping an individual with their needs is not only fulfilling and rewarding, but you’ll be brightening someone’s day and making friends. You may also be a Care Worker who takes clients on days out!

How can I get a job immediately?

At Home Instead, we are always seeking compassionate individuals to join our fantastic team that wants to work hard and work immediately. Becoming a Carer is simple and quick. After a few questions and a background check, you can start helping people! No Qualifications are necessary. 

Where is the best place for part-time jobs?

Everyone thinks that working in a retail environment is the best place for a part time job. But, at Home Instead, we think that working in a home environment is better! Visiting someone’s home, having a chat and perhaps meal prepping with them is far more enjoyable than stock checking.

Home Instead employers have locations throughout the United Kingdom, so contact us, and we can find the right branch for you.

What is the easiest job in the UK?

Being a Care Professional may not be the easiest job in the UK, but it is definitely the most rewarding!

What is a fun job that pays well?

A Care Assistant! A Care Assistant is a wonderful job, full of fun and laughing with our Elderly Clients. Making their day a little brighter.

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