6 Easy Ways to Keep Warm with Home Instead Durham

When the weather turns cool and you want to delay turning the heat up for a while, try some of these tips

6 Easy ways to keep warm in the colder months.

Becoming too cold can feel very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Your body temperature dropping, even just a little can be quite detrimental to your health. Not only can it make you feel utterly miserable but also cause quite a few health issues too, especially for the elderly. Being cold outside or even in your home can lead to hypothermia and other issues. Mental health is also affected by the cold too, being cold can bring on depression and anxiety very easily, but not always easily remedeid by simply warming up, so prevention is definitely better than the cure in this case.

So here are a few easy ways of keeping yourself warm and healthy in the colder months. 

1, Find those hidden drafts

A drafty home can be difficult and expensive to keep warm. So, check all your windows for drafts, use draft excluding tape to block out any gaps that allow drafts to get in. Also close your curtains on a night and if possible, use thermal backed curtains or curtain linings as this makes a huge difference to insulating your home. Also use draft excluders on any doors that have gaps at the bottom. Gaps work buy causing a suction of warm air out and pushing cold air in, so blocking as many of those gaps as possible is really worth the effort, and you will feel the benefits almost instantly, not to mention it will save you money on your heating bills too.

2, Build up your clothing layers.

When you feel a chill you may want to get your thick woolly jumper to warm yourself up quickly, and that’s a great idea, however lots of thinner layers work far better. Air gets trapped between the layers and becomes warm, in turn warming you. If you can use some thermal layers even better as they are also great at trapping warm air without being bulky. With one thick layer you don’t have this layering so can still feel chilly. Another advantage of building up your thinner layers is that if you become too warm you can remove some to regulate your temperature, again with one thick layer if you become too warm and remove it you will be cold again and this isn’t good. If you need to go outdoors make sure you have a hat, you loose most of your heat through your head so cover it up. A scarf and gloves are also recommended to stop those chills from getting in.

3, Have a nice hot drink.

Having a hot drink on a cold day is very comforting, just holding the hot mug makes you feel instantly warm and cosy. Having a hot drink also warms your core and radiates out so can make your whole body instantly warm up. Something like hot chocolate or a nice steaming cup of coffee or tea is a great way to feel comforted, or even a cup of soup is very satisfying. When you feel comforted and cosy your mental state improves, and a feeling of well-being develops. Being cold can make you feel miserable and bring down your mental state so keeping warm is an important part of looking after that too.

4, Get moving.

Sitting in one spot makes your feel cold as you’re not burning many calories, so just moving around a little bit will help you warm up. Try doing some light dusting or vacuuming, housework is a great way to get moving and start burning those calories, and there is always something that needs doing. Maybe put on your favourite music and have a dance around the house, why not? no one is watching. Even if your mobility isn’t up to that, just sitting in your chair and moving your arms and legs is still dancing, you’re still going to have fun and burn those all-important calories, so you’re still going to warm up. Doing anything that gets your heart beating even just a little bit faster releases powerful endorphins into your brain and makes your feel instantly happier and….. warms you up.

5, Keep your feet warm.

No matter how many hot drinks you have or how many drafts you conquer if your feet are cold you will still feel cold. A lovely pair or fluffy slippers and some thick socks will make a world of difference to how warm you feel. Blood pools in your feet whenever you are sitting or standing still for any amount of time before it moves around your body again, so if your feet are cold then it stands to reason that the blood flowing around your body will be cold too. Also keeping your feet warm in bed has been scientifically proven to give you a better night’s sleep. Having a nice pair of fluffy bed socks is the best way to ensure your feet are warm and toastie while you sleep but do make sure that the elastic isn’t too tight around your legs, we don’t want to restrict that blood flow now do we!.

6, Have a soak in the bath.

Having a nice soak in the bath is a lovely way to warm yourself up, it’s good for blood flow, muscle aches and pains, mental well-being and relaxation and warms you right through to the bone. It’s a great way to have “me time”. Perhaps light a few candles, put in your favourite bubble bath, play some soothing music or even ready your favourite book, and just take some time to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. If you are unable to have a bath for whatever reason then a nice hot shower can be just as good, however reading your book could be a little trickier so maybe best wait till you get out.

So, to sum up, 

If it’s cold and you need to go out wrap up well, staying warm is better than having to warm back up. Build up those layers and if you’re going out make sure you have a hat scarf and gloves to keep out those chills. When your home have yourself a nice bath or shower and remember to put on your socks and slippers too when you get out and put your clothes on. Close the curtains and use draft excluders on the doors to trap in all that lovely heat. Have a hot drink to warm you from within. Relax and enjoy the comfort and feeling of safety and well-being that being warm and cosy brings.

Look after yourself in winter.