Rowley Regis for Families: Fun Activities and Places to Visit for All Ages

If you happen to be looking for a way to enjoy yourself in Rowley Regis, there are many choices to pick from. As providers of home care services, we often look for the best things to do in the Rowley Regis area for the families and older individuals we assist. So, where do we recommend you first look?

The best activities to do in Rowley Regis for the whole family:

Take a trip to Rainbow Street

While this is an indoor soft play area, parents and older family members can enjoy seeing the kids at their happiest in here. It’s a fun day out for the whole family, and you can find it easy to get the kids involved in activities that they might not have tried otherwise. It’s an easy way to help build their confidence and make it easier for them to grow into their own skins. The parents and grandparents might not be in the ball pit, but they can enjoy seeing the kids’ faces light up!

Reviews online by mums and dads praise this play centre as excellent value for money. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, and the variety of toys and dressing up things is loved by children and adults alike.

Visit the West Midlands Safari Park

Close enough to Rowley Regis that you can get here by car, the West Midlands Safari Park is a fun experience. Here, you will see many animals you would not expect to see in the UK. The kids will love this, and the adults can enjoy some relaxation time, while the older adults can see their family having fun and bonding like never before. It’s a truly enjoyable experience and one we regularly recommend to locals in Rowley Regis.

But what about accessibility?

Thankfully, the park is highly accessible to everyone, including the older adults and individuals with mobility issues. The park is well equipped with disabled parking facilities and designated accessible toilets. In addition, the park offers mobility scooters and wheelchairs for hire on a first-come, first-served basis, so individuals with mobility issues can still enjoy the full experience.

Go to the Black Country Living Museum

History is a vital part of education, and parents and grandparents should visit the Black Country Living Museum for this purpose. You will get to see the kids having a lot of fun learning about their local environment, and older individuals will find it easy to come here and reminisce about past times. As care professionals, we often use a trip here to help jog the memory and give older individuals a chance to learn more about their local community.

Reviews online note this is an amazing day out, with plenty to see and learn about. Visitors praise the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, who bring history to life with their passion and expertise. Multiple reviews recommend this attraction, with one visitor stating they would definitely visit again.

Visit Leasowes Park

Leasowes Park is easily reachable from Rowley Regis, and here you will enjoy a highly relaxing day out. We often use a trip here when the weather is nice as it can give older family members a relaxing, calming day out. The easy-to-follow terrain and the tremendous variety, as well as the presence of parks and playgrounds, means that it is easy to enjoy a tranquil day out as a family.

Visit Haden Hill House

If architecture interests your family, then coming to Haden Hill House is highly recommended. This is a stunning Victorian mansion built in the 1920s and is a historical sight to see. It is a great source of local pride. Introducing the family, especially the kids, to local history is a good way to help them feel even more interested and passionate about the area.

Haden Hill House is also often home to arts and crafts and community events, so you could use this as a great day out for the family.

At Home Instead, we love to help families stay connected and make the most of places like Rowley Regis. If you have an older adult in the family who would like more personal connections with friends, family, and their local community, reach out to us today and see what we can do to assist them further.