Dementia training: Anthony’s journey

Dementia training: Anthony’s journey

Winning Care Professional of the Year 2024, Anthony Chinoso epitomises the compassion and dedication of our care teams across the UK. Coming from our Camden office, he has not only provided care but lifted the spirits of so many of our clients, particularly those living with dementia.

One of his clients was a lady with dementia who sometimes struggles to get out of bed. Learning that she loves to sing and dance, he played her favourite song ‘Singing in the Rain’. Finding motivation suddenly wasn’t so difficult and Anthony knew how to communicate with her so she could face the day with positivity.

Anthony developed his knowledge of dementia thanks to undergoing our City & Guilds assured dementia training. He says: “The programme taught me so much. Dementia affects people in different ways, and symptoms are different depending on how far it has progressed. I have learnt how to respond to someone based on what stage they’re at.

“People with dementia often struggle to communicate when they have an unmet need. A key part of the training is recognising this and understanding how you can satisfy them.”

Thinking back to his first experience supporting someone living with dementia, Anthony remembers the client repeating questions and forgetting conversations within minutes. Having undergone our training, he knew to expect it and what to do when it happens. His advice to anyone in this position is: “just flow with them.”

Anthony admits that it’s not always straightforward being a dementia Care Professional. He has arrived at the houses of some clients who simply don’t want him to be there. Part of the dementia training is about how to deal with a client’s ‘off days’. Anthony says the secret is knowing how to lift their spirits. Whether they respond well to dancing, a game of cards, or a chat about the good old days, Anthony has learnt how to adapt to clients based on the kind of person they are and help them come out of their shell.

Home Instead’s dementia training won a Princess Royal Training Award a few years ago. Anthony is just one of thousands of our Care Professionals who have undertaken the training which stands them in excellent stead for a career in care. The amount of people with dementia in the UK is expected to rise from 982,000 to 1.4m by 2040. Those with the specialist skills to support somebody with the condition will only become more sought-after as the years go by.

Anthony isn’t stopping with dementia care! Having got a taste for specialist skills in care, he’s keen to train in other areas such as Parkinson’s. We can’t wait to see him lighten up the lives of other people with complex care needs and reassure families that their loved ones are in safe hands.