Understanding Dementia: Empowering Dartford's Aging Population

Home Instead Dartford committed to fostering understanding in our community through free 'Understanding Dementia' sessions.

Empowering Dartford's Aging Population

In light of the recent Alzheimer’s month, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that our nation is aging, and the incidence of dementia is on the rise. While promising drug breakthroughs occasionally make headlines, caregivers know that knowledge and understanding are the most critical tools for providing care to those in need today. At Home Instead Dartford, we are committed to fostering understanding in our community through free ‘Understanding Dementia’ sessions, ensuring accessible care and support for all.

Compassionate Care:

For over four years, we have been dedicated to serving the Dartford and Bexley communities with a wide range of services, including companionship, home help, personal care, respite care, and specialized dementia care. Our team of experienced and compassionate Care Professionals doesn’t just offer services; we promise support and empathy for conditions like dementia, cancer, and other neurological disorders.

Understanding Dementia:

Meet Ram Chandra Thapa, the Director of Home Instead Dartford, a seasoned specialist in providing dementia care. Over the years, he has crafted our ‘Dementia Awareness Sessions’ based on contemporary research, compelling statistics, and heartfelt stories from real experiences. These sessions provide a platform for attendees to share their unique experiences, creating an open and welcoming learning environment where different coping strategies for living with dementia are discussed.

Community Engagement and Learning:

Each session is unique in its content, aimed at enhancing the understanding of individuals who have loved ones living with dementia. The objective is to provide genuine insight into the condition, enabling attendees to better support their loved ones by offering care and finding acceptance during these challenging times.

Feedback from Hawksmoor Primary School (It’s never too early to bring awareness about dementia to children!):

Here’s what one school had to say about our ‘Dementia Friend’ session:

“Hawksmoor Primary School’s School Council were lucky enough to take part in a workshop last week, which taught us how to be ‘dementia friends’. The cause of dementia and its effects were explained in a child-friendly way, allowing every child from year 2-6 to leave with a clearer understanding of dementia and how to treat those affected. Two of the children said: ‘It was easy to understand because it was worded simply. It was fun.’ ‘It helped us to know we need to be kind to people with dementia. It helped me become a dementia friend.'”

A Pledge for Community Support:

Our ‘Dementia Awareness’ sessions go beyond being just a learning platform; they are a testament to our commitment to care for our local community. We strive to ensure that everyone living with or affected by dementia feels supported and understood. By offering these sessions free of charge, we aim to spread knowledge and compassion throughout our community, empowering everyone to contribute to a more supportive and inclusive environment for those living with dementia.

Join Us in Dementia Awareness Sessions:

As dementia continues to impact more lives, being informed and understanding is no longer optional; it has become a community responsibility. If dementia has touched your life, we invite you to attend one of our monthly drop-in sessions. Let’s work together to build a world where no one affected by dementia feels alone or unsupported. For more information on our sessions or our variety of home care services, please contact us. You can register your interest by calling 01322923750 or emailing [email protected].

At Home Instead Dartford, we are here to support, empower, and walk with you every step of the way.