Here are some comments received from our clients and/or their families, following a recent independent survey undertaken by Smith & Henderson:

"As far as I'm concerned, the service is excellent and I can't think of any improvements with regards to the care my mother receives".

"Completely satisfied".

"Would like to have Home Instead more - hoping to increase".

"A good response from office staff to any queries raised".

"Staff are always there when I need help/advice/alter care".

"Always ready to listen and deal with any situation".

"Easy to contact - always willing to help".

"Excellent service, caregiver is exeptional, very tolerant and patient. Wonderful, has made a difference".

"Friendly and helpful".

"Caregivers - pleaseant and show a ready willingnedd to make life easier. respect my home, showing care in the tasks they carry. Appreciate kind gestures at Christmas, Easter and Birthday".

"Lovely people - very caring and kind, they (2 differnet ladies) took wonderful care of my aged daddy - they were super with him and he loved them too".

"My mother has improved immensely since the start of her care".

"Professional caring staff both office wise and within the home".

"The two carers have provided continuity of care for my mother, care is of an excellent standard and meets all my requirements. She enjoys the carers and looks froward to other visits".

"More than satsified - always on time, a real friend, caring and interested, always willing".

"Haven't come across anything to criticise".

"Reliable, caring and pleasant".

You have all been great carers, all of you, and I want to thank you for being so fantastic! I have been really lucky to have met such a kind and professional group of carers. ’’

N.V. Client's son

Home Instead has been a great help to mum and the service they provide is fantastic.

K. B. Client

I was recommended to this agency by my sister who also uses it in another location and who was very pleased indeed with it.I have found both management and staff to be very pleasant and helpful in all ways.
I look forward to seeing my helper once a fortnight who works very efficiently and with a very pleasing manner.
If I should require further help I would not hesitate to ask.

Mr R - client

My wife and I have the services of two carers. Mine assists with a 1-hour regime of exercises to correct neurological damage, hers gives support for 2 hours a day on household duties.

We regard this a success and it has enabled us to maintain our quality of life following illness.

Mrs D - Client's daughter

Home Instead Carers provided much needed respite for family when mum's care levels increased at the sad time of end of life period. Her Carers stepped up to the mark and delivered a service second to none, for which the family are eternally grateful. Professional and well trained, the confidence shines through and the staff are a credit to the company. I can't recommend them highly enough, including the office staff who did their utmost to ensure we had the support we needed. Thank you.

Mrs R - Client's wife

We use Home Instead for intermittent care when I am away for any length of time. Daycare only experienced to date, our experience of the service is very positive in terms of being well planned and reviewed by management with the care delivered reliable; professional and kind and tailored to the client's individual needs.
Every effort made to ensure continuity of care or managed sensitively and appropriately when can't happen.
Confident in the quality of service will be increasing support package.

Mrs M - client

My overall experience of using the service provided has been exceedingly good. The office staff and supervisor has been attentive and carried out adequate visits and reviews. The work is of a high standard and meets our needs at the moment. We have discovered possible extension for the future and pleased that a degree of flexibility in meeting future needs is possible.

N. F. - Caregiver

To everyone at Home Instead. I have had a brilliant time working with you all, you are one close knit family; which i thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. I will miss you all xx

HW - wife of client

We were well matched with two CAREGivers whom we met before the respite care term started.
The care my husband received was excellent. The CAREGivers always arrived punctually and their level of experience and professionalism impressive.

MW - wife of client

During the last two years, my husband has received excellent care from the CAREGivers from Home Instead and supported me in so many ways so that I can relax when I do the shopping or meet with friends. The office staff couldn't be more helpful in accommodating any change of plans I may have and give me every support. They are always cheerful.

MM - wife of client

We started with Home Instead to give me time off from washing and dressing my husband in the mornings and this has been a great help. Now that he is becoming less predictable in his needs, the company has responded very well with varying times but maintaining the same group of carers. It does feel more like an extended family there when needed - and much less judgemental than family can be.

Linda (client's daughter)

You are an amazing team. Thank you to you and all your incredible Caregivers for putting care in place for mum, so quickly, getting her home and keeping her safe. Without you, she would have spent weeks in hospital, no doubt miserably, and stepping down in both physical and mental health. You make all the difference in her world. You are all angels on earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

Mrs S - client's daughter

Home Instead enabled us to keep mum living independently at home for many months more than I could ever have hoped for. The Caregivers are angels on earth and have become good friends to mum.
They have ensured she has remained safe, healthy and happy, they have brought great peace of mind to me, my brother and sister.
Without the support of Home Instead mum would have been vulnerable and a danger to herself and others.
Thank you.

Mrs W - client's wife

Thank you Angela! It has been a real joy watching you working with D. He has opened up to you like I've never seen before with a 'stranger' ... only you're not.. We feel we have made a good friend and wish you well in the future.

Mrs L - client

A great pleasure having my carer she is a good companion, and most helpful. I look forward to Wednesdays and Friday's. All the staff I've been involved with have been pleasant and caring.

Mrs R (client's daughter)

From the outset, my father has been treated with respect and dignity. Management is organised and care plan reviewed on a regular basis. The care team are kind, considerate, responsible and compassionate. They have built a good rapport with my father.

Mrs W - client

Excellent service. Thank you so much.

Mrs H - client's daughter

The service is reactive and anticipates need. Our Caregiver (Lynne) goes over and above acceptable standards of care. Thank you. I have peace of mind!

Mr S - Client's son

Can I pass my thanks onto your team for helping us this year and especially over the festive period and for you being so organised and responding to our and mum's needs.

Mrs S - client's daughter

Wishing everyone at Home Instead all the best for 2017.Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do, not just for our mum but for all your clients and their families. Your Caregivers are outstanding.

Mr N - client

Always cheerful, always helpful and always puts dad at centre. Dad says it's obvious they are interested in him. he loves being taken out

Mrs W - client

Carer always pleasant, smiling and helpful

Mrs J - client's daughter

Carers are excellent and they support mum (which is not always easy) as an individual

Mr M - clients's daughter

Excellent staff and wonderful relationship with both my mum and dad

Mr B - client's son

Extremely good, sets a high benchmark for other caring organisations to obtain

Mr R - client's son

Total confidence in the management and CAREGivers providing the best possible support for my mother

Mrs M - Client's daughter

When first looking for support for my mother, i was very impressed by what i read on the Home Instead website. Our first meeting with Judith was pleasant and informative. Over the last two years i have been constantly reassured that mum had good company and care - everything was as we wished. I am grateful for the kindness shown to me during a difficult time. Thank you

Mrs D - Client's daughter

I cannot speak highly enough of the service you provided and have recommended you on numerous occasions. The quality of care met all my expectations and i am very grateful. Thank you

Mrs S. (client's daughter)

“Home Instead Senior Care helped my father to stay in his own home for much longer than would have been possible without their support. Their care and support allowed dad to retain his independence and dignity despite his worsening dementia. This helped him to retain a very good standard of physical health by being able to go out, socialise and exercise. This also allowed him to be as happy as is possible to be while suffering a frightening mental decline. I can’t thank your carers enough for their support of dad”.

Mrs L - Client's daughter

Everyone we have met at Home Instead has been caring and supportive of my mum. She has been very pleased with the cleaning provided, and has loved having the day time companionship. The care givers who worked with my mum were chosen to have something in common with her, so they had a talking point straight away.

Mrs W - client

Staff and management are pleasant and helpful.

Mrs H - client's daughter

Courteous, caring, excellent communication, professional CAREGivers.

Mrs S - client

My daughter and son contacted 'Home Instead' and so proceeded and everything fell into place. They are very satisfied and so am I.

Mr B - client's son

Since using the services of Home Instead it has given my father the confidence to remain independently at home. My wife and I appreciate the extra companionship Home Instead CAREGivers give him.

Mrs L - Client's daughter

Mum has loved getting to know Shirley and Pauline, and I have been delighted with all aspects of your service. I was going to wait until we had known you a little longer before I filled in the Homecare feedback card, but I will do it now to let anyone looking for CAREGivers know how caring and supportive you all are. I was particularly touched that you chose CAREGivers who had something in common with my mum, so they immediately had a connection with her. Thank you for all you have done Janet

Ms K - daughter

I wanted to thank you for always being so wonderful with my lovely daddy. You were so kind, understanding and gentle with him. I know he appreciated it and all you did for him. With love ...

Mrs N - Family member

My mother-in-law, received the best care possible from the staff of Home Instead. They were compassionate, responsible, punctual, but most important they were always there for her whenever she needed them and they were there for her when we couldn't be. As we live in the U.S. it made a huge difference to us to have such kind, caring people there in our absence. Thank you to all the staff for looking after my mother-in-law so well. My husband and I greatly appreciate every thing you did. The world needs more people like the Home Instead staff.

Mrs G. Client

Judith was a terrific support after knee replacement. Don't know what I'd have done without her.

Mrs N - family member

Caregiver Helen is truly such a kind and compassionate person. Mum enjoyed her company so much and was so comfortable with her. We are thankful to have found Home Instead, it is an outstanding organisation that has made a huge difference to us, and made a difficult time a little less so. Thank you.

Mrs W (family member)

Every member of the caregiving team were exceptional and made mum's last weeks very peaceful. Thank you all

Mr S - family member - email to Home Instead Head Office in Omaha, USA

My mother recently passed away in England and she received care services from the Darlington franchise. I wanted to let your organisation know that we received absolutely superb care service from this group; the carers were unbelievably empathetic; treated my mother with great dignity and affection and made her final days as comfortable as they could possibly be. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for all their help, and just wanted you to be aware of the fabulous service that one of your franchises provided.

Mr S - family member

Thank you and your carers for providing our mother with such amazing care. I cannot express how grateful my sister and I were for the genuine care and affection provided by your carers, they are truly amazing individuals who have a rare gift. I'm not sure many people could even perform the job they do, never mind perform it with such expertise and genuine affection. They made an almost impossible situation as comfortable as it could possibly be, under very difficult circumstances. We shall be forever in their debt for making our mother's last few days comfortable. Please give our thanks to all the carers, we can never thank them enough.

Mrs W - daughter

“Words cannot express our thanks to you and your team. The care, compassion and kindness you gave mum over the last few months but especially in her last week was incredible – and stepping in at such short notice on both occasions – we cannot thank you enough. I also want to thank you all for supporting the rest of the family – especially me! I was very close to mum, so it was very hard for me to see her deteriorate at such speed, I am only grateful that we managed to get her home! Please pass on our thanks to everyone – they are all extraordinary people.”

Mr M - client

My daughter (a Social Services professional) and I were very impressed by the Director and Care Manager of Home Instead at the initial meeting. This impression was borne out by later contacts. The most important reason for asking for the Home Instead service was the principle of the same carer and adequate time to do the job.  

Mrs M - Client

A year has passed and I wanted you to know how much I value your services, especially Sally and Gill. Here's to many more years, God bless you all

Mr M

Eve is very patient and sympathetic with my wife - much better at handling her than I am(!). I appreciate what she does (for me, too) a great deal.

Ms C

I would be very grateful if you could thank all those who were involved in the care and support of my father. I was very impressed and very thankful.

Mr B - Family member

My experience has impressed me. The ethos of the service is first class.

Mr & Mrs D - client

To Home Instead - and all who work for it. Our best wishes as you embark on your second year. May all that is best come your way. We hope that many others will enjoy the benefits of your very excellent services as we have done - and still are.

Mrs H - Client

Caregivers are professional, caring, considerate, friendly and prompt.

Mrs D

Really appreciate thoroughness, cheerfulness and attention to detail that we receive from our Caregiver.

Mrs S

I look forward to the Caregiver coming, she really enjoys what she does.

K - Client

You set your standards very high, these are exceeded.

Mr R - Client

I can't fault them, they are very professional.


Home Instead took away any pressure or fear for myself and my father. His end of life care was compassionate and dignified.

Mr M - Family member

The service exceeds my expectations, thank you very much.

Mrs F

Very happy with the organisation and the help i'm getting, and it's good to know there's support there when needed.

Mrs T

Throughout I found your services outstanding. The response to immediate/urgent help was supreme.

Ms T

I would like to thank you for the prompt response to my request for support and the professional manner with which your high quality care was provided. It played a significant part in helping my mother recover from her illness. We feel we now have a company we can turn to should the need arise again in the future.

Mrs K.

I was pleased to hear how much he (Dad) likes you coming to him...'Very, very kind' is how he describes you...I am eternally grateful that we found you.