Easing bed blocking in Coventry South

Returning home with your loved one after they have been discharged from hospital can be a worrying time but it is also a turning point in the recovery process

Easing bed blocking in |Coventry South

To prevent bed blocking we can offer a range of services ranging from hourly visits to 24 hour care with live in carers we believe we can help you stay comfortable and safe in your own home

We can arrange a care service quite quickly and will visit your loved one to do a complete assessment of needs

Or when an existing client is admitted to hospital, we visit them to maintain our relationship and raise that person’s morale when they see a friendly, trusted face. We work with the hospital to assess care needs including their mobility and medication, so that all necessary equipment and arrangements are in promptly organized for their smooth return home. A full re-assessment of care needs will take place as sometimes a stay in hospital means care needs will increase.

We can assist with

Discharges : we will work with hospital discharge teams to develop a detailed care plan that will be used by care professionals to ensure plans are in place to support your loved one with a successful recovery.

Medication Management:  we are able to assist your loved ones at hope to manage their medications

Follow-Up appointments:  We can arrange follow-up medical appointments are kept on track  and attended. This can include  providing or arranging transportation to the visits.

Nutrition and Hydration: We can assist with meal planning, shopping and preparation to ensure that your loved one is getting a balanced diet and they are kept hydrated

Record Keeping: Our care professionals are trained to track and monitor conditions and raise concerns this ensures that you are updated at all times, you can also read the records on line via a app, this will give you confidence to see data in real time.

A caregiver assists an elderly woman in getting up from bed in a room with exposed brick walls. - Home Instead