Survey Results: What our clients and employees think of us...

Annual Client and CAREGiver Survey outcomes

We are delighted to be able to announce the results of last years’ annual client and employee survey. Conducted by independent specialists Smith and Henderson both in Cleveland and across the UK, the survey asked clients as well as our CAREGivers to feedback on their specific experiences. The survey was anonymous in order to ensure a greater amount of feedback. Like all good feedback this would then enable us to further improve the services we offer with the aim always to strive to provide the highest quality care.  They did a great job of collating all the information and the highlights are below.

Overall, we are thrilled that our clients and their families have said they are very happy with the care and companionship we provide and the real difference we make to their lives, but equally so, our fantastic employees think that Home Instead is a great place to work too.

Happy and engaged employees who are proud to work for the company provide a thoroughly appreciated service valued tremendously by clients and families!

We regularly receive very positive feedback daily, weekly and monthly through the course of day to day activities. Consequently we are changing and improving things as we go along but it’s always really uplifting to have that information consolidated by a formal and anonymous annual survey.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire. It is really appreciated….and if you are considering using our services, hopefully you will find some of the facts and comments below interesting and reassuring to know that your loved ones will be able to develop meaningful relationships with genuinely caring and dedicated people.

Client Results

  • 100% said My CAREGiver was properly introduced before they started working with me.
  • 100% said my CAREGiver is well matched to my needs.
  • 100% said my CAREGiver arrives on time.
  • 100% said my CAREGiver takes an interest in me as a person.
  • 96% said they would be likely to recommend us to their friends (4% said they never recommend).
  • 86% said their CAREGiver goes the extra mile to make a positive difference to my life (the remaining 14% felt their CAREGiver met their requirements).

 Clients said about the quality of the service:

  • “(Name withheld) and my husband are well matched and is an extremely nice person to have in our home.”
  • “They pay attention to all details; they never skimp on anything and stick to all procedures. They are caring and friendly and make you feel valued.”
  • “The service meets my needs which varies from week to week, everyone is friendly and polite and very professional with flexibility and genuine care.”
  • “My CAREGiver was chosen to match my needs and interests. My CAREGiver very quickly tuned into me as a person, my needs and my layout of my bungalow and I discovered that she really did enjoy being with me. I have had other CAREGiver friends to replace for holiday relief who have also suited my needs perfectly. (They are) a breath of fresh air happy, smiley and caring. The management team are always on hand to transfer messages to the CAREGiver re shopping or change of dates etc. Everyone is very friendly, extremely polite and always punctual. No one could provide a more appropriate service for me and I look forward to their visits, which have improved my life in so many ways….”
  • “Our mum's CAREGiver has been/is a godsend in the way she cares for mum so well. (Name withheld) is not only a superb companion/friend for our mum but ensures she is well cared for too. She is very thoughtful and caring, she possess a unique quality and skill in calming mum and making her feel at ease when she is getting anxious. She has a wonderful rapport with mum. Mum became much happier when (name withheld) came to give her companionship and care. It is such a relief to have someone as wonderful as her caring for our mum. The Owner has also been superb. A very efficient, effective and efficacious personalised service.”
  • “Thank you for all Home Insteads’ support and excellent caring service”
  • “We all appreciate the wonderful care and management of my mums day to day activities.”
  • “My mother has improved substantially with your care. Long may it last.”
  • “We are extremely impressed with (name withheld) who is an outstanding CAREGiver and my mum has a great affinity with her.”
  • “She has been absolutely superb and should be a ‘sainted’ person”

Clients said: What could we do to improve?

  • “Nothing”
  • “Can’t think of any improvements”
  • “At the moment, nothing”
  • “The office staff always answer my calls promptly and deal with my query or request efficiently”

Our CAREGivers (employees) Results

We had many questions answered with a 100% rating and here below is a selection of some of those responses:

  • I am proud to work for Home Instead Senior Care
  • I feel motivated to do more than is required of me
  • Work is well organised and there is positive collaboration in my office.
  • Home Instead Senior Care is effectively managed and well run.
  • My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person.
  • I understand why Home Instead Senior Care is different from other care companies.
  • I receive enough support from my Supervisor
  • I have access to the training I need to do my job well
  • I would recommend Home Instead Senior Care to a friend or family member as a place to work
  • 90% of all employees plan to remain in post over the longer term

…and why they want to stay...

  • …believe in what we do.
  • I believe in Home Instead Senior Care’s mission
  • Want to continue to make a positive difference to my clients
  • My work – I like what I do
  • I have flexible hours and I am comfortable here
  • Excellent training, any problems you just have to ask
  • I am quite new to the care profession, but I have been really happy with the way in which Home Instead welcomed me onto the team and with the level of training I have received.
  • I think it’s a great place to work, I love the atmosphere and it’s a fun, friendly place.

Caregivers said: what could we do to improve…

  • Can’t think of anything at present.
  • Carry on as they are doing.
  • I can't really think of anything at the moment.
  • No improvements needed.
  • None at present
  • Nothing I feel Home Instead does brilliant already.
  • Nothing particular other than expanding the business in the area.
  • To continue as they are
A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home