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Let’s combat loneliness together this Winter...

As the clocks go back this weekend and darker nights draw in, we should all take a second to think about the elderly population in our community and the detrimental effects the winter months can have on their day to day lives.

According to official figures from Age UK (link), there are more than 2 million people over the age of 75 currently living alone in the UK. During 2020, more than a million older people have expressed that they have gone for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member. This has become even more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, which looks like it may continue to worsen as Winter months take hold.

When the days and nights become colder and darker, many elderly people find even a trip to the local shops an endeavor and instead choose to stay home in the safety and warmth of their own homes. This is where our wonderful Home Instead CAREGivers leap into action. They are on hand to provide companionship, assistance with collecting food shopping and medications, help with meal preparation and planning and so much more. Our CAREGivers will continue to visit their clients throughout any impending restrictions the Government implement to protect the nation from the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that 1000’s of older people can rest easy in their own homes knowing that help and support is always available from us and visits will never be missed, avoiding the loss of vital socialising time with their pre-matched CAREGiver.

It is often the elderly person themselves who can be averse to receiving any form of care and support outside, or often including, that of their family members. With this in mind, it is important to remember that Home Instead are not a medical care provider and focus is placed on building strong, meaningful relationships with our clients and using this to establish exactly where that little bit of extra support is required. Visits can often be as simple as a good chat, company to watch a favourite TV show or some assistance with housework if needed. Our overall aim is to combat loneliness by providing friendship and support to the elderly within our community, ensuring that they are able to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

There are also many other people living alone in the UK who may well be looking for a way to alleviate loneliness for themselves. This could be easily counteracted by becoming a CAREGiver here at Home Instead Cleveland. We are expecting a huge increase in the need for our services as winter takes over, therefore we are currently and constantly recruiting for new wonderful CAREGivers as Home Instead Cleveland grows from strength to strength. For those of us who are still in full fitness, caring for others can be an incredibly rewarding experience and one that is hard to match in any other job or industry.

Can you imagine the satisfaction of becoming the only friendly face seen by an elderly person in a whole week, welcomed every time by a beaming smile answering the door? Being the person who is there to chat to them and provide much needed friendship? Or on hand to offer that helping hand when they need it the most? The sheer difference that can be made to an older person’s life by the introduction of a CAREGiver to support them is immeasurable. You could be a part of that and change many lives in the process.

We are always available to speak to families who are in need of advice on how best to support their elderly relatives during the Winter months, please feel free to call us for a chat or to arrange a free consultation. Furthermore, our recruitment team are also on hand to answer any questions from potential CAREGivers. Start your journey today and become part of the Home Instead family.

Find out more about becoming a CAREGiver here.

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