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Keeping fit and healthy in your golden years can be a challenge but there are plenty of wellness and exercise activities for seniors around Teesside.

Staying active is important for aging well. Regular physical activity can help older adults stay independent and productive, stay physically strong and flexible, manage health conditions such as arthritis, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease, and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Daily light exercise benefits elderly people by helping keep their joints supple and improves balance, coordination, posture and strength. Many seniors find that the sense of accomplishment they get from successfully completing an exercise regime makes them feel better about themselves on a mental level. Outdoor activities such as walking or gardening are great ways to stay active while enjoying nature’s beauty. Joining group classes also helps build social connections – both of which can positively contribute to overall wellbeing in old age.

No matter what your age, stay active to stay healthy! Making physical activity a part of your daily routine can help you stay fit and live well.

The key to successful aging is planning for it in advance. Take the time now to think about how you want to stay healthy and active in old age so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at you. As always, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about starting an exercise program. Good luck on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

Here are some local groups or centres which could help you stay healthy.

Stay healthy and stay active!

Stockton Walking Group – facilitated by Teesside Dementia Link Services 

Meeting every Wednesday in the beautiful Ropner Park (please see our Places for outdoor walks in Teesside ) The Stockton Walking Group sets off for a stead 1 mile walk around a fully accessible route. Starting at 1pm and finishes at approximately 3pm with a little stop off at the café for refreshments to end a lovely afternoon stroll.

The group meet in all weathers come rain or shine.

Head over to Teesside Dementia Link Services  Facebook page for more events and activities on offer.

Dementia Supportive Swimming Session – Facilitated by Teesside Dementia Link Services

Why not join the Teesside Dementia Link Services  for a dementia supportive swim session at the new Ingleby Barwick Leisure centre . Running every Tuesday 2:30pm till 3:30pm this short but sweet swim session will help enhance the swimming experience of those living with dementia and their carers by improving facilities and removing barriers.

Intergenerational Yoga – facilitated by Kalma Life

A unique way of combining mindfulness and exercise whilst bringing together people living with dementia and the little ones who have recently entered our world. A true testament to age is no barrier!

A relaxing class where those living with dementia are given a life like doll and paired up with a parent and baby and imitate light exercises lead by parents with babies.

Making that connection for both generations can have a truly extraordinary effect and transform someone’s mood and outlook tremendously.

Encouraging those to live well and positively with dementia through promoting a healthy mind, body and spirit can improve memory and cognition, communitcation and mental health.

The classes are provided by KALMA LIFE every Wednesday from 10am during term time. If you would like to attend please call or send a text message to 07798625564.

Tees Active

Tees active are the largest leisure facilitator on Teesside and have a number of centres across the area including Billingham Forum ,  Ingleby Barwick Leisure centre ,  Splash StocktonThornaby Pool.

Tees Active lead the way in promoting living a healthy and long life with the project Club 55, a fun social programme which aims to introduce older people who are not as active, into the leisure environment. The promotion of increasing activity levels and improving fitness is not only for physical but also mental health.

The project was in partnership working with external services/organisations such as MIND, Age UK and Thirteen Housing and from that project the learned lessons have resulted in activities continuing to be on offer at Thornaby Pavilion.

Keep Moving Teesside – Chair Based Yoga and Exercise - Amala Teesside

Amala Teesside are offering Chair Yoga and Exercise classes classes in Ingleby Barwick, Norton and Nunthorpe and are £5.00 a session.

Try something a little different without working up too much of a sweat with a combination of mindfulness meditation, to help you rewind and relax, chair based yoga helping get those joints moving a little more and for those a little more confident you can join in the yoga free standing.

All abilities are welcome and the class will help improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Sometimes the use of equipment like exercise bands or balls are used in class to aid with some of the stretches which help improve flexibility and the build strength.

Classes are very social and fun. Why not give a class a try? See their testimonials for more information.