Running for Dementia

Evie will be running the hackney half marathon in a few weeks to raise money for charity! Read about why below!

In just a few short weeks our Project Coordinator Evie Mahoney will be running the Hackney Half Marathon for one of our clients Jack. Evie will be running to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society who fund vital support to tackle all aspects of dementia by giving help and hope to people living with dementia today and in the future.

Evie has supported Jack closely over the last two years, recently becoming the care lead for the team of Care Professionals supporting Jack.

The care Home Instead Chingford have provided has enabled Jack to maximise his quality of life over the last two years ensuring that dementia has not interfered with him continuing to make core memories with his family.

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Last summer Jack was able to walk his daughter, Nicola, down the aisle with the support of Evie. From getting Jack out of bed and getting ready to helping him mobilize down the aisle so he could walk with his daughter. Although at Home Instead Chingford we believe that to make these days special stems from the day to day care we provide building the trust that’s needed to be included to enable loved ones to enjoy life’s events just as much as the day to day.

Jack and Evie found many common interests but that did not limit them to teaching and sharing their own ones with each other. Jack has shared his love of gardening whilst Evie has helped Jack rediscover his love of music. The pair have been able to share each other’s generations music, with Jack’s new favourite song being Until I found You – Stephen Sanchez. It has been incredible to see Jack continue to learn new skills and sing along to new music despite his dementia.

The confidence the team was able to build in Jack along with encouragement jack was able to fully begin experiencing what life had to offer again. Jack begun trying new restaurants and regular visits to the cinema. Evie was able to show Jack how to live well with dementia.

Often a big misconception about dementia is that it can limit your quality of life. At Home Instead Chingford we believe in enabling you and your team of carers with skills and the knowledge to best equip you in living with dementia. Although currently there is no cure for dementia with the right help and support, you can and will live well with dementia.

That’s why Evie is running for Alzheimer’s Society, they are working towards a world where dementia no longer devastates lives. They do this by giving help to those living with dementia today and providing hope for the future. Please Donate, if you can, by clicking the link below.