Enhancing Dementia Care: Training at Home Instead Chingford

Discover how Home Instead Chingford equips care professionals with comprehensive dementia training, blending workshops, continuous learning, & advanced courses.

Understanding the importance of dementia training can greatly improve the well-being of those living with dementia. At Home Instead Chingford, we understand the significance of ensuring our care professionals are well-prepared to deliver exceptional care. Take a look at what our dementia training programme has to offer.

Why Dementia Training is Essential

Detailed training and education on dementia can greatly enhance the level of care given to individuals living with this condition. It empowers professionals and family carers to effectively address the needs and behaviours of individuals with dementia, promoting trust and confidence. This training focuses on more than just knowledge transfer; it also emphasises the development of crucial skills that enrich the caregiving experience.

Comprehensive Training Programmes

At Home Instead Chingford, our dementia training programme is City & Guilds Assured. We prioritise important aspects like communication, understanding behaviour, client safety, and fostering engagement. The course is facilitated by Linda Allen, our Franchise Owner at Home Instead Chingford, who leads interactive sessions that build a sense of community and promote collective learning among our care professionals.

The training programme offers a combination of workshops and ongoing e-learning through our online learning platform, My Learning Cloud. This ensures that care professionals can easily access the most up-to-date practices and refresh their knowledge whenever needed. This resource ensures that our carers are always equipped to provide exceptional care.

Becoming a Dementia Friend

We are proud that the majority of our care professionals have become Dementia Friends through the Alzheimer’s Society. This programme allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of dementia and make a positive impact on the community through raising awareness and providing support.

Unique Training Tools

We offer a special resource called the Dementia Bus, which provides a realistic experience of living with dementia. This resource offers valuable insights into the difficulties experienced by individuals with dementia, enabling our carers to cultivate empathy and implement effective support strategies. The bus will be available on Station Road, E4 on the 14th of August 2024, welcoming family carers, care professionals, and the public to participate and learn. Please contact our office team if you wish to book a free slot as there are limited spaces. 

Advanced Training: Champions in Dementia Care

For those interested in expanding their knowledge, they have attended the champions in Dementia Care course. This course, created by the Alzheimer’s Society, includes two virtual training days and completion of online modules. It emphasises the importance of building on foundational knowledge and aligning with national dementia training standards, ensuring that learners acquire specialist skills to effectively support and plan care.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Training for Quality Dementia Care

At Home Instead Chingford, our focus is on providing the highest quality of care through a comprehensive and ongoing dementia training programme for our care professionals. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals impacted by dementia through interactive workshops, ongoing education, and specialised training.

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