Check in with yourself: and why it’s so important

HI Chingford understand that providing the best care for others that starts with taking care of ourselves. This enables us to have the strength and energy to fulfill our role.

Often when we’re at work we have regular scheduled meetings with our managers to see how we are doing. Where the common questions are about how they might be able to help better, any tools we may need or issues we wanted to discuss. On some occasions we wouldn’t have anything to say and other times it was a great opportunity to vocalise something that was bothering us. These check-ins are great aids to maintaining balance and well being.

When family members take on the role of care for their loved ones even the carers themselves stuggle to recognise and acknowledge the workload they are taking on. In all other aspects of our lives there are clear structures that we follow to look after oursleves. When the focus is on another it’s easy to brush past the equally important needs of the carer. That’s why check-ins with yourself are a great habit to adapt when supporting a loved one.

It can be as easy as asking yourself a few daily questions to help you recognize when it might be a time to outsource and ask for help.

  1. How am I feeling right now?

  2. What does my body need at this moment?

  3. What self-care action can I take today?

  4. Is there anything I need to forgive myself for?

  5. What am I grateful for today?

  6. What are my needs that aren’t being met?

  7. What accomplishments can I celebrate today?

In the moments you may realize that you may need support Home Instead Chingford are a short call away. Our team are equipped with all the tools to help support both you and your loved one. At Home Instead Chingford we understand that the care extends past the individual but the whole family. Call us on 0208 114 2000 and let our team help you in the ways you need.