District nurses comment on the exceptional care being provided to their patient David

David was extremely unwell under the care of the local hospice. However, his care from Home Instead care professionals has dramatically improved his health and well being

Community nurses have noticed the difference in David's health

Daily care visits have dramatically improved David’s health and quality of life. He was extremely poorly under the care of the local hospice. Community nurse Sally commented: “I have never seen a care company have such a dramatic impact of the quality of life and actually improve the health of a man who was so unwell. It really is remarkable”.

Older person smiling at home

Home Instead matches staff improving outcomes for older people in Chichester & Bognor Regis

David and his wife Jill live in Bognor Regis. Because Home Instead match staff based on personal preferences, Vanessa quickly built trust with the couple. Not only does this mean Vanessa gets to know her clients, but of course Daivd and Jill feel more comfortable seeing someone they’ve got to know and trust.

“David loves doing his “magic” painting, all you need is plain water and some special cards.  David also enjoys jigsaws.”

Older client enjoying painting activity

Visits are varied and tailored to the needs of the client on any day

Home Instead Care Professional Vanessa really looks forward to her visits with David and his wife Jill… and describes a typical visit.

“I help David get ready for the day, then I stay to keep David company to allow Jill to go out for a break. If weather’s nice we might go out for a walk, stopping at Coop to get our cakes to take home.  We recently went to the local barbers so DW can have his hair cut.”

Client in wheelchair

Enriching the lives of those we care for...

Vanessa knows the couple so well, she knows how to make a real difference to their lives: “On Valentine’s Day we made Jill a lovely a card which Jill was so happy with.

Client with Valentine's card

"...But he is less keen on his exercises...!"

Vanessa still manages to make her visits fun as she has such a good relationship with David

Client in wheelchair doing exercises