Live-in care offers you a way to remain independent at home with a dedicated care professional

Home Instead has provided 24 hour, Live In care and support for families since 2018 when we were awarded the highest quality rating of any care provider in West Sussex by CQC

Living Independently in the comfort of your own home.

Live-in care is an increasingly popular choice for many people who are reassured by the presence of a dedicated and well-matched Care Professional who lives in your home and provides constant support, companionship and care tailored to your personal needs. It’s a perfect alternative to a care home.

Sharing your home with a new person is a sensitive and a big decision to make. We carefully match you with a Care Professional. Together we will design a personalised plan of care to set-out when the Care Professional will work, what they will do day-to-day and when they will have time off.

We understand that life is not always predictable and it is comforting to know that your Care Professional is able to respond to unforeseen emergencies, even at night-time and any changes to your needs.

You and the Care Professional are supported by a professional team of Care Managers and Care Professionals who live and work locally. This means that we can respond flexibly and responsively if your needs change. Many other live-in care businesses are operated at a national or regional level and so are not able to provide the same level of flexibility and responsiveness as we can.

Live-in care is suited to a wide range of circumstances. Some clients are looking for companionship and help around the house. Others may need to put care in place following a recent diagnosis or deterioration from a long-term condition. We discuss with you the best care plan to suit your needs and which can be amended at any time. We train all our Care Professionals in-house, with specialist skills, to match your needs.

In many cases introducing a good care and support plan early in the ageing journey can help prevent the speed of health deterioration due to age.

For example, malnutrition and constipation are common reasons that older people end up being hospitalised. Our Care Professional can ensure that a nutritious meal is being served regularly and that fluid intake is being maintained.

Another common reason people find themselves in hospital is due to falls in the home. The risk of falls can be reduced if the typical potential hazards are removed. Our Care Professionals are trained to be observant to falls risk and know how to take action to reduce them.

If you think live-in care is the solution for you and your family, we highly recommend arranging a care consultation with us.

One of our Registered Managers will come to visit you in your own home for a relaxed chat to discuss your needs and expectations around live-in care and how Home Instead can help you. This consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know us and ask questions it may be a good idea to include your family also. This meeting normally takes around two hours. We would talk through the various options available and what would be the best recommendation for your individual circumstances.

There would also be an opportunity for you to meet your Care Professional before you sign a contract.

Below you will see our Live-In e-brochure for your reference.

Live-In e-brochure

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