Personalised Home Care with Pet Care

Explore the unique bond between seniors and their pets with Home Instead's pet-friendly home care services. Learn how we support both older adults and their furry companions.

Home Instead Charnwood offers personalized care that extends to your loved ones and their beloved pets. Our pet-friendly approach ensures a harmonious environment where older adults and their furry companions thrive together at home. Discover how we address the unique challenges of pet care while providing tailored support through dedicated Care Professionals. With Home Instead, families find reassurance knowing their loved ones receive comprehensive care that fosters wellbeing for both them and their pets.

It’s a heart-wrenching reality that many older adults are forced to part with their beloved pets when transitioning into care facilities. This separation can be emotionally distressing for both the individual and their furry companion, often leading to feelings of loneliness and loss. Pets are not just animals; they are cherished members of the family who provide unconditional love and companionship, particularly during times of change and uncertainty. At Home Instead Charnwood, we strive to prevent this separation by offering pet-friendly home care solutions that enable older adults to remain in the comfort of their own homes with their cherished pets by their side. We believe that the bond between an individual and their pet is invaluable and should be preserved, fostering a sense of continuity, security, and joy during the aging process.
In our latest blog post, we delve into the significance of pets in our clients’ lives and how Home Instead can assist with daily pet care needs. From feeding to grooming and veterinary visits, we understand the importance of ensuring that pets receive the same level of attention and care as their owners. Our minimum one-hour visits allow our Care Professionals to offer more than just practical assistance, providing companionship and emotional support that enriches the lives of both clients and their pets.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, offering companionship and comfort, especially as we age. At Home Instead Charnwood, we recognize the bond between older adults and their pets, and we’re committed to keeping them together. When a client has a pet, we take extra care to match them with a pet-loving Care Professional, ensuring that both the client and their furry friend receive the care and attention they deserve.

At Home Instead Charnwood, we recognize the individuality of every client-pet duo. That’s why our care plans are customized to meet their unique needs. Our dedicated and trained Care Professionals take the time to understand your loved one’s requirements, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for both the older adult and their pet. Furthermore, our Care Professionals provide assistance with local transportation, ensuring your loved one can attend appointments, run errands, or socialize hassle-free. We believe that by offering this support, we enhance our clients’ independence and quality of life.