Dementia Action Week 2019 #DAW2019

This week, we have been asking all of the Home Instead Charnwood CAREGiver’s to send us in their tips and tricks for enhancing the lives of their clients with Dementia in aid of Dementia Action Week 2019.

As always they have responded with some amazing advice:

#DAW2019, CAREGiver Tip 1: #Memories

When you’ve known the Individual before they develop Dementia and still support them now. They may forget the small details but they never forget your face. Their face lights up when they see you and reminiscing is good for them, Always spend time, share a cuppa and don’t forget them.

#DAW2019, CAREGiver Tip 2- #Food!

I will always ensure if I’m supporting anyone with dementia during a call that requires food preparation I will make something for them to eat regardless of them saying yes or no. So many times I’ve made something to eat after they’ve said they aren’t really feeling hungry and they will still sit and pick at it.If they are adamant, I’ll cover it over and leave in the fridge…just in case!

#DAW2019 CAREGiver Tip 3: #Distraction

One of my clients gets in a right to do especially with tummy ache.By talking to her about nice memories or doing a crossword her mind focuses on getting the answers and forgets tummy ache. She did it today and went to bed, I did the crossword in the bedroom with her help and she got up 20 mins later, had lunch and continued crossword.

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