#YouCanCare Week

For this years #YouCanCare Week we took our Care Bear Stan around with us, he accompanied our CarePros on their day to day tasks from collecting shopping, medication, cooking and personal care. Stan offered an insight into just how diverse and important the job of a CarePros jobs is. 


Stan started his day arriving promptly at the office, after a temperature check and signing in he completed a negative lateral flow test. Stan, then proceeded into our training room with Stephen our deputy CareGiver and Training Manager. After learning all about the importance of Care, how to administer CPR, use Slide Sheets, offer Personal Care and much more Stan was given his Home Instead ID badge. This is important so that clients know that he works for us and helps them feel safe. 

Afterwards he made his way upstairs where he sat with Miranda who is our scheduler. It was important to Stan that we offer a flexible work schedule as he likes to spend his free time hosting picnics with his friends in the woods  and collecting and eating honey. With his shifts all agreed he went with one of our CarePros and to the Watercress line. Stan loves trains apparently and was able to share lots of interesting facts about them such as America's first steam locomotive lost a race to a horse. After regaling us all with his train talk, another client fancied a trip to the garden centre. After having a good look around and learning all about the different plants and flowers Stan returned to the office to collect some more PPE, it was time to offer another client some personal care. They had a good chat and a cup of tea with some biscuits afterwards, helping someone feel safe, fresh and comfortable is important to Stan. 

Then it was time to hit the shops! He picked up some medication from the pharmacy on the way, he knows just how important it is for clients to feel supported by us and when a client has limited mobility he was happy to run this errand, at the food shop he picked up all the essentials such as bread, milk and of course some honey. He then went to the fresh fruit and vegetable isle, helping our clients eat healthy, nutritious food is important to Stan, is it vital that they stay well nourished and in doing so, they can then feel their best. That afternoon he spent the rest of the day with Tony our Recruitment Manager, dropping off some leaflets and letting everyone know just how interesting being a CarePro is.