Parkinson's, raising awareness in blue

This year in recognition of World Parkinson’s Day, Monday 11 April, staff at Home Instead Central Hampshire wore blue to raise awareness of the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.
With a dedicated Parkinson’s training programme in place, the company work closely with clients and their families who have been impacted. Melissa Fleming, General Manager of Home Instead Central Hampshire, states ‘It is vital we do everything we can to continue raising awareness of Parkinson’s, the more that people can understand what feels like a very overwhelming condition, the better they are able to offer support and assistance to friends and loved ones. This is something in which we work closely with the local community, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to continue to do so.’
The day, championed by Parkinson’s UK, a nationwide charity, aims to spread awareness and will see other participants getting involved with two initiatives. The first being ‘Light Up Blue for Parkinson’s’ where local landmarks, businesses and homes will be turning a hue of blue to show their support. The second, ‘Poems for Parkinson’s’, invites people to share their personal stories to help more people understand the reality of living with the condition.
‘Our aim is to get people talking, we would love to see the local community having a conversation and reaching out in support. This is a cause close to my heart as I personally have a friend that has the condition. I’m grateful to be able to wear blue today in support of him,’ she continued.

Group shot

Parkinson’s develops when the cells in the brain stop working properly and are eventually lost over time. Whilst there are currently over 40 symptoms, the three most common are listed as tremors (or shaking), slow movement and rigidity. If you would like more information about Parkinson's and it's symptoms, or about the support you or your family members could receive please visit: