Jolly Hockey Sticks at Whitchurch Memory Cafe

Jolly Hockey Sticks At Whitchurch Memory Café

In the May session of our Whitchurch Memory Café, we had Tom from Rise facilitate an exciting game of seated hockey.

There were moments of tension and excitement as we raced to get points for our teams, along with fits of giggles as the balls escaped in different directions.

The Ararat Café kept everyone happy with hot drinks and biscuits and we thank the staff for their kind support.

Our Professional Guests were Aiman Sajiid from Hourglass –  Financial abuse | Hourglass ( and Trevor Durham from Centurion Financial Planners.

We understand that as people become older or vulnerable, they are more likely to suffer from financial abuse so our Care Professionals are trained to look out for signs of this, particularly around being scam aware.

We also offer free talks to community groups about scam awareness to keep people safe.

If you want to know more about our services or free community talks call 02920 569483