99 year old proves pets are the cure to loneliness

Peg, a 99-year-old animal lover from Cannock, has been highlighting the power of pets in providing a cure to loneliness, especially during lockdown.

Growing up, Peg always found herself caring for at least one dog, a cat and birds, normally a canary. At one point, 55 years ago, Peg found herself caring for up to 14 cats. This is when she built a cat den in her garden, which is still attached to her house to this day.

As Peg requires regular care visits from local Outstanding rated in-home care company, Home Instead Senior Care Cannock, she can maintain an independent lifestyle while keeping her wonderful three cat companions by her side, Fluff, Pip and Butterbur.

For pet owners, the mental and physical advantages of having pets has been highlighted during the tight restraints of the nationwide lockdown. Pet’s calming auras support people when they are going through concerning times, as well as providing them with a focus and a purpose. This is particularly important for vulnerable and lonely pet owners who may have been suffering from loneliness and social isolation.

Peg commented on her experience of lockdown: "Throughout my life, I wouldn't be able to cope without my cats, and that’s really hit home for me during the last few months. Animals provide an important sense of security, and I love that there is a comforting presence all the time. Life would be empty without them.”

Having had an array of animal companions throughout her life, Peg has how valuable their love and compassion is at difficult times, such as when she was suffering from depression, to a time when she returned from the dentist in pain.

Peg continued: “Everyone in their life will receive love and it is a marvellous thing, however, to provide love and to learn to give love is an incredible lesson in life. Animals provide an important sense of security. They are wonderful companions, so my tip in life is to give everyone an animal, and they’ll learn what joy is!”

Frances Sayer, owner of Home Instead Cannock, commented on Peg’s love for animals: “Peg is a marvellous character. I really adore her wonderful outlook on life. Our scheduled care visits to Peg means she can stay within the comfort of her own home and keep her cats with her at all times.”

When Peg was asked if Home Instead could share her story, she responded: "As long as it makes people aware that furs need love and care as well. It is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly but is also invaluable.”

To find out more about Home Instead Cannock, please call 01543 572349 or visit https://www.homeinstead.co.uk/cannock.

Pip the cat