Crafting in and around Cannock

A great way to meet like-minded people is to join a club so you can indulge your passion with old and new friends. There are so many activities out there for adults to enjoy.

A great way to meet like-minded people is to join a club so you can indulge your passion with old and new friends. There are so many activities out there for adults to enjoy. The Cannock Chase area has a wide variety of clubs that charge minimal fees and are located in easily accessible venues. Try some of the ones we have listed here which we think cover our locations and include a variety of crafty options.

One of the real benefits of getting older is that you find yourself with more free time on your hands. While this can be a worry to start with, when you start to explore what you can do with this newfound time, you’re sure to appreciate it. There are some great opportunities to get your hands on and take up a new hobby. Some of these hobbies may require a touch of skill, and it’s great to have the time to master this.

For residents of Cannock, there’s a host of craft activities that you can turn your hand to. Whether you’re looking to revisit a pastime that you’ve previously enjoyed, or looking for something completely new, there are so many activities to choose from.

As well as offering plenty of places where you can get involved, Cannock has some amazing shops that are well worth a visit. Once you’ve found a craft that you love, you can be sure that you’ll never be in danger of running out of supplies.

The benefits of senior-friendly craft activities

Craft activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, there are some specific benefits for those who may be a little older now. Of course, there’s the element of enjoyment and fun, but these are the other kinds of benefits offered:

  • An improvement in motor skills
  • A great way to make new friends and other social connections
  • Reduction in stress
  • A positive impact on anxiety
  • Improved memory

The great news is that almost anyone can get involved and reap these benefits. Even if certain physical impairments present a challenge, adaptations can often be made to ensure that these activities are fully inclusive.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at just some of the opportunities that exist in Cannock.

Sewing, knitting and crocheting crafts in Cannock

If you’re interested in knitting and getting together with some great people, then there are plenty of opportunities in Cannock. Just one place that’s worth a visit is Cannock library with its weekly Knit and Natter group. This a wonderful setting to come together and share all things knitting and crocheting.

If you’re not sure if this is the sort of activity that would suit you, here’s a look at some of the projects that you could undertake:

1.Creating a book cover – whether sewing by hand or with a machine, a book cover can add a layer of protection to your favourite books as well as looking great on your shelf

2. Throw pillows – if you want to add a little colour to your room then throw pillows are the perfect answer. These look great and are much easier to create than you may think

3. Pillowcase – if you want to add something different to your bed, why not have a go at sewing your own pillowcase? You can accessorise in any way that you want to

4. Coffee cosy – a great way to protect from a hot mug as well as looking great, knitting or crocheting a coffee cosy is a great activity

5. Memory quilt – a personalised memory quilt is a great way to bring old materials together and to create something to cherish

That’s just a brief snapshot of some of the projects that you could get involved with. As well as reaping all the benefits that we’ve already looked at, you also end up with an impressive item at the end of it.

Painting and colouring in Cannock

If knitting isn’t your thing, why not try your hand at painting or colouring? One of the top locations in Cannock, if you want to give painting a try, has to be Saredon Studios. Here, you can sign up for a host of workshops that can take you from beginner to skilled painter in no time at all. With a host of great reviews, this is a destination well worth a visit.

If painting classes don’t appeal, there’s still plenty more that you can do with painting and colouring, such as:

  1. Adult colouring books – colouring books are no longer just for children. People have realised that colouring can be a great way to relieve stress and aid relaxation. This has led to numerous adult colouring books being published and these are certainly worthy of your time

  1. Painting rocks – this is an activity that anyone can do and the results are only limited by your imagination. A rock can be decorated and make a real focal point in any garden

  1. Pinecones – not just for Christmas, pinecones can be painted and decorated the whole year through. Once completed, they can make a really special centrepiece

  1. Geometric tape painting – if you’re not too confident with a brush, this is an ideal alternative when it comes to painting. You simply use painter’s tape on a canvas and paint between it. When the tape is pulled off, you’re left with beautiful patterns with stunning straight edges

  1. Terracotta pots – if garden pots are lacking appeal, why not give them a makeover? You might want to go freehand, or you may choose to use a stencil. Either way, you can add a lease of new life to tired-looking pots

More senior-friendly crafts and activities in Cannock

There are a host of other opportunities in Cannock. Just some of these include:

  • Building a birdhouse
  • Flower pressing
  • Making wind chimes
  • Creating your own greetings cards
  • Jewellery making

If you’re approaching your senior years, we hope that you can see that there’s never a need to feel bored. In Cannock, there’s an array of activities and crafts that you can get involved with and these suit people of all abilities.

One of the best things about these activities is the fact that you surround yourself with like-minded people. They provide a great way to grow your social circle and to establish friendships that will last for the rest of your life. Why not turn your hand to something new and see how you get on?