How you can make a difference for older people on Make a Difference Day!

Today is the unofficial but thoroughly worthwhile Make A Difference Day. Why not let this celebration day nudge you into making a difference for a senior person in your life or community?

Sometimes we all need some encouragement to get out of our seats and get involved. Make a Difference Day could be that encouragement for you. Volunteering enhances not just the lives of those you help, but has been shown to have countless benefits for volunteers themselves.

If there are older people in your life, why not resolve today to make a difference for them? Remember, what most people want more than anything else, and the thing that has the greatest impact, is just giving your time. Show that you’re present, you care, you’re there to listen. Loneliness is one of the greatest threats to older people. You can help your loved ones. Today, offer to help with some shopping, invite them over for tea, take them out to the park, or simple drop in to show them you care.

And if you’re ready to spread your impact wider, think about signing up for some regular volunteering. Try it for a month and see if you feel useful, valued, and fulfilled. Just one hour a week will do you, and those that you help, a world of good. Here are some places to start:

  • Age UK are always looking for volunteers, no matter what your skills. You could work in one of their high street stores or sign up to help with their befriending campaigns, that help connect you with someone in your community who needs some company.
  • Why not sign up to help with Contact The Elderly? You can find enjoyment and fulfilment in helping to make a real difference to the lives of older people who are isolated from family and friends.
  • Friends of the elderly needs volunteers to help with day centres, coffee mornings, and many fantastic campaigns.
  • Check out the opportunities in a whole range of senior care areas at Volunteering Matters.
  • Independent Age can help you find a great way to help out locally.
  • The Royal Voluntary Service needs people who can give a little time to help people with everyday tasks. Could you do the shopping, take the dog for a walk, or deliver meals? Simple actions from you can mean a huge amount to someone in need.

If you think you can spare a couple of hours each week or month, then make a difference! At the very least, why not give your loved ones a call right now? Just letting people know you care can make a heck of a difference.