Best places for a walk in Cambridge

Going to Cambridge doesn’t just have to involve rushing from place to place to see the sights, eat at restaurants, or find the most convenient parking spots. Sometimes the best way to enjoy anywhere is to take it slow and enjoy a pleasant walk about town.

Keeping active is essential to one’s mental and physical health, and as time goes on it gets harder to keep to more rigorous routines. Walking is an exercise that’s both simple to do and rewarding in its results, and best of all you can do it anywhere that has the space. Further, walking allows you to more properly take in the scenery of the places you visit. So, the next time you’re in Cambridge, consider taking a leisurely walk down these places.

See the sights within Cambridge city centre

Cambridge itself is an idyllic and peaceful university town, rich in heritage and with much to see and do. The risk of letting it rush past is all too great, so take the opportunity to have a walk around the city and truly take in the sights.

Being a major university town with a proud and long history, there are plenty of city walks conducted by various organisations that can lead you around town. Many will stop outside historic landmarks and cultural buildings, giving you a deeper insight into how Cambridge developed over the centuries. If you’re looking for something a little less formal and that offers greater freedom, Cambridge is accessible enough that anyone with a map highlighting the major sites can easily formulate their own routes.

In a manner true to all medieval towns, Cambridge is a joy to walk through. Whether it’s the ancient walls of the University of Cambridge campus buildings, the tower of St Mary the Great’s Church, or the elegant Victorian and Georgian townhouses along the river, Cambridge is beautiful in all seasons.

Being within the city itself, obstacles and hills are kept to a minimum. This makes it ideal for prams and pushchairs, as well as those who’d find steep hills too taxing on their physiques. Likewise, it offers best access to the amenities Cambridge has to offer, giving plenty of places to stop, catch your breath, and watch Cambridge unfurl around you.

Escape the city at Milton Country Park

For those looking for an escape from the built-up inner-city areas of Cambridge, people can also take a walk through the Milton Country Park.

Found just north of Cambridge, Milton Country Park is situated around several lakes and ponds, offering beautiful views no matter the time of year, with plenty of footpaths and trails surrounding them to traverse. Covering 95 acres, it can easily occupy visitors for an entire day. As well as relaxing walks through its thickets, gardens and across its fields, the park also offers boating when weather permits, and the usual park activities such as picnics, cricket and cycling.

The footpaths are all accessible by wheelchair but be mindful that they may get muddy during wetter weather. Dogs are welcome, provided they’re well behaved. If in doubt, keep them on a leash. BBQs are also permitted, provided they’ve been arranged with the park staff before your visit.

Benches are plentiful across all of Milton Country Park’s main routes, all of which offer excellent views of the surrounding park. There’s also an onsite café if you want to stop somewhere for drinks and snacks.

Those who enjoy fishing may also be pleased to know that permits to fish from the lakes are offered for £7 if arranged on the day, or £6 in advance.

Take a break at Jesus Green

Located just off the University of Cambridge Campus, the Jesus Green offers a similar escape from the thrumming activity of Cambridge city centre, with the bonus of being more accessible. You can drop in to quickly catch your breath and relax, before diving back in for further shopping or sightseeing.

Jesus Green was set up initially as a common green for grazing cattle, but soon became used more exclusively as a public park at the turn of the 20th century. It’s enjoyed by townsfolk and students alike and offers plenty of space to ramble and collect your thoughts without completely isolating yourself from the town proper. Pathways are shaded by the sleepy boughs of great trees, and pathways run alongside the city canals and ponds to give unrestricted views of the Cambridge waterfront.

Jesus Green contains one of the last lidos still in operation in the country, as well as tennis courts and a free table tennis area. A barbecue area is also open seasonally, useable for portable barbecues.

The pathways are all flat and very well maintained, making them ideal for wheelchairs and visitors with limited mobility. Seating, likewise, is plentiful across all the green’s walkways. A refreshment kiosk is also located within the park, which is open throughout the year.

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