Ageing Well in Later Life: A Workshop from Home Instead

Make the older years more comfortable by learning how to plan ahead!

Understand the changes that happen as you age and acquire the knowledge to plan ahead and make the right decisions.

In the UK our Octogenarian population is set to double by 2031 to 4.9 million and there are now 14,000 Centenarians. Being well-prepared for the future can help you make the best of these later years. Our new Ageing Well workshop helps you understand the ageing process, learn about the services, support and funding available and how to plan for the future.

Each session includes:

Understanding the ageing process and what to look out for
How to stay safe at home
Getting help and support
When to consider care
Planning for the future.

These relaxed, friendly and informative sessions are ideal for community groups, charities and businesses. At the end of the workshop, all participants can take away our guide to “Staying Safe at Home”.

To book a workshop, email [email protected] or call us on 01422 292424.

A woman checks the blood pressure of an elderly woman sitting in an armchair in a cozy living room. - Home Instead