Rediscovering a passion for knitting

Local Whitefield lady and Care Professional pledge to knit for local community

Dawn Chaisty, one of our amazing Care Professionals in the Whitefield area of Bury, has helped her client, rediscover her passion for knitting, together they have pledged to make hats for the local community.

Having noticed her client struggling to remember how to cast on and use her wooden knitting needles, Dawn went away to watch YouTube tutorials to build on her own skills and pass these on to the lady she supports.

Dawn said: “Her client struggles with intermittent memory loss so would become frustrated when she couldn’t remember how to knit and would undo all her hard work. Having learnt the basics, I was determined to reignite my client’s passion for the hobby. With a new set of needles and some different types of wool, it’s amazing to see how confident she is becoming with her knitting, it’s now an activity we enjoy doing together.”

Dawn and her client are now working towards making hats for a local premature baby unit, with Dawn making the main body of the hat and her client adding on pompoms. Their aim is to progress onto making hats for the elderly, either for a local charity or hospital.