Meet some of our new Care Professionals.

Get to know three of our fabulous new care pro's enjoying their first 12 months at Home Instead.

Jo has been with Home Instead Bury since the end of February 2023, we decided to have a catch up with Jo approaching her first full year with us.

I was currently working in care, I wasn’t enjoying my job, I had been taken on part time but given no choice but to work full times hours, there wasn’t enough time to carry out my care calls with the clients the way I wanted to. I never saw the care plans or met the clients prior to me going in and carrying out the care calls. I had no home/work life balance.

I saw the advert on Facebook, and liked the way it came across, helping the clients, caring for them and also the companionship side of the care. I applied and was successful. I loved the induction and shadowing process it was very different to any other care company I have worked for.

The induction was with a small group, very interactive, the trainer got the length of the induction just right and going into depth just enough without making it too complicated.  The shadowing process gave me and the clients a chance to make sure we gel, almost like a trial without the pressure. It’s really important to me that the clients feel comfortable having me in their homes.

I absolutely love all my clients I have been matched with. I have built good relationships with my clients. One gentleman has a brew waiting for me on my arrival, another client is always waiting at the window waving at me when I arrive and always wants a hug when I’m leaving. This isn’t a job, it’s like a fun day, with people I like and get to have a brew with! I just love it!

Everyone in the office is great, it doesn’t matter who answers the phone, everyone is helpful. The scheduler is lovely, I’m always contacted beforehand and asked about any changes to my rota, which has never happened in previous companies I’ve worked for, it’s the little things that make your job easier and just nicer.

I highly recommend Home Instead to anyone. It just works for me! I love the job, it’s a shame I didn’t do it years ago!

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Kathy started with Home Instead Bury in April 2023; we caught up with Kathy to see how she was getting on now.

I was aware of Home Instead for a while, whilst working for my previous company as a care coordinator at Salford Services/NHS. We regularly referred clients to agencies and had heard lots of positiveness around the Salford branch. When my sister was looking for a new position, I told her about Home Instead and she applied for the position at the Bolton branch. She absolutely loves her job.

I retired in 2021 due to caring for my mum with Dementia whilst working full-time in my role during Covid. I’d always enjoyed my job but felt at that point it was the right time to retire.

After taking some time off I decided I still wanted to do something. I had lots of transferable skills; I wanted a job that I would enjoy and would work around me. Home instead was the obvious choice for me.

The induction and shadowing process all went well. There were some differences from my previous role within the NHS sector, I took it all onboard and enjoyed the learning process.

The client match is good, I enjoy getting to know my clients and building our relationships.

I can’t fault the office, I’ve always felt supported, I feel comfortable raising any concerns I may have, and I’m always notified in advance of any changes.

The best thing about my job is every day is different. I love meeting new people and learning what makes them tick. I’m there to help them, knowing I’ve helped someone gives me great satisfaction, it’s what I enjoy the most about my job.

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Jayne has been with Home Instead Bury since June 2023. We caught up with Jayne to see how her first 6 months of working with Home Instead Bury has been.

I was scrolling though my phone when the home instead advert popped up on Facebook. I’d been missing some of my clients that I cleaned and cared for and thought I would apply. I didn’t expect to hear anything, I was contacted quickly, offered an interview followed by the induction.

Everyone was so nice though the whole process, the face to face training and the online training was really good and enjoyable. If I needed any help at all, everyone was very nice and approachable.

I loved the shadowing experience, it was one of the best parts of the training, especially getting to meet other care pros.

The office has done a fantastic job at matching me with my clients. I love all my clients, I’ve got to know them, their ways, I have enjoyed building relationships with all of them. I love interacting with them on a regular basis, listening to their stories (no matter how many times they tell it) and even having a sing with them.

I know there is always support if I needed it, the training that I have been given has enabled me to support my clients.

I absolutely love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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