From Teeing Off to Tea Time: Indoor Excitement for the Whole Family

Indoor Adventures for  Family Fun

As the weather cools, bring the family together for unforgettable indoor activities in Burton Upon Trent. From golf at Shobnall Leisure Centre to tennis at Burton Tennis and Squash Club, cinematic experiences at Cineworld, historical exploration at Tutbury Museum, and delightful tea time at Helen’s Bakehouse, there’s something for everyone.

Golf Indoors at  Shobnall Leisure Centre

Shobnall Leisure Centre offers more than just a leisurely day out. Embrace indoor golf with your family, enjoying a round of foot golf on the well-designed course. The centre boasts extensive facilities, including running tracks, hockey pitches, tennis courts, and a football pitch. It’s the perfect spot for outdoor entertainment, with a children’s play area and a paddling pool for added family enjoyment.

The recently refurbished gym caters to fitness enthusiasts, making Shobnall Leisure Centre a versatile destination for both leisure and sports. 

Enjoy a Cinematic Experience at  Cineworld

Cineworld in Burton Upon Trent brings the magic of the big screen to your family day-outs. With affordable prices, comfortable seating, mobility friendly and a variety of films, Cineworld offers an amazing venue for family movie nights. Consider booking a private screen for special occasions, creating unforgettable memories for your children and their friends.

For older adults, who may require assistance during outings, Home Instead’s companionship care services can offer a helping hand, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Discover Local History at  Tutbury Museum

Delve into the rich history of Tutbury by visiting Tutbury Museum. Explore captivating exhibits, and old photographs, and learn about the town’s fascinating past. The museum, housed in a charming old building, provides an educational and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Home Instead’s companionship care services in Burton Upon Trent can accompany older family members to Tutbury Museum, providing valuable company and support during the exploration of local history.

Create an Afternoon Tea Experience at Home with Helen’s Bakehouse

For a delightful escape without leaving home, channel the charm of Helen’s Bakehouse and Tea Room by crafting your own afternoon tea experience. Savour freshly made sandwiches, and piping hot tea, and indulge in coleslaw and sweet potato fries. The star of the show is the freshly baked scones, served with cream still melting hot. Embrace the imperfect perfection of mismatched crockery, echoing the spirit of Helen’s. Govern your home with the same friendly authority, inviting loved ones to share in the warmth. For those in Burton, let Helen’s be your culinary gem, from the perfect full English breakfast to a satisfying visit with family. Transform your home into a culinary retreat, drawing inspiration from Helen’s, and consider the companionship care services of Home Instead Burton Upon Trent to add warmth and shared joy to every moment. 

For older adults who may enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea, Home Instead’s companionship care services in Burton Upon Trent can ensure a delightful and social experience.


As the weather turns colder, Burton Upon Trent provide an array of indoor activities to keep your family entertained. Whether you’re teeing off at Shobnall Leisure Centre, playing tennis at Burton Tennis and Squash Club, enjoying a film at Cineworld, exploring local history at Tutbury Museum, or indulging in afternoon tea at Helen’s Bakehouse, there’s something for every taste. Make the most of your family time with these exciting indoor adventures.

Plan your family’s indoor escapades today. From active sports to cinematic delights and cultural explorations, Burton Upon Trent offer a diverse range of indoor activities. Embrace the warmth of family moments and create lasting memories. For those seeking companionship for older family members during these outings, trust Home Instead’s companionship care services in Burton Upon Trent to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience for your loved ones.