How much does live-in care for the elderly cost in Bromley?

We take a look at how the cost of live-in care in Bromley compares to a residential care.

Cost of live-in care

The cost of elderly care can be a difficult subject to talk about amongst families as home care live-in rates can be expensive. We understand that the search for affordable live-in care in London can feel overwhelming when there are so many care options available.

We hope to break it down for you in a way that is more easily digestible.

What is the cost of elderly live-in care? The cost of live-in home care depends on care requirements and the level of care needed. For example, the cost of 24/7 live-in care will be different to live-in companionship care.

The reason for the price difference is usually either the number of hours within the 24/hour period your Care Professional will spend with you or how specialised the tasks will be.

Live-in care is usually cheaper than a nursing home, and although live-in care costs can be similar to the costs of living in a care home, we believe that the bespoke care and one-on-one approach Home Instead home care offers is incomparable.

Is live-in care cheaper than a nursing home?

Nursing homes tend to be a bit more expensive than live-in care, but we believe that the main difference comes in the bespoke service you receive with live-in care. With Home Instead, you will receive a personalised care plan that is tailored to your needs, as well as one-on-one care in which you are the only focus.

Instead of having a team of carers who take care of several people, our clients can benefit from a highly trained live-in Care Professional that is matched according to our client’s needs and hobbies.

Caring for Couples

Finding the right type of care services for an elderly couple can be tricky, especially when the individuals have different care needs. They might not want to leave their home and all the memories associated with it. They might also feel that moving into a care home would take away the independence and privacy they are used to. If they have lived in the same area for a long time, moving into a care home would mean leaving their community and friends.

Live-in home care, on the other hand, is flexible. Because the care recipient doesn’t have to move out, they maintain the same control over their life, as well as independence, that they are used to. At Home Instead we believe care shouldn’t cause anxiety – it is meant to improve the quality of life and act as an enhancer.

Couple in-home care is often more cost-effective than paying for two placements in a residential care home. This is because home care usually only charges a supplement, rather than doubling the price of care. Thanks to this your loved ones get to stay in their own home, save money and receive high quality, individualised care.

Cost of Live-in Dementia Care

The cost of live-in dementia care will depend on the number of hours your Care Professional will spend assisting your care needs. The rest of the time your Care Professional will be residing in your home and keeping you company.

Considering the cost of live-in care is comparable to residential care, choosing home care for dementia patients can be really beneficial to their wellbeing, as it promotes independence.

If you are a family carer for a family member with dementia, we also offer respite care. When you are the one caring for your loved one, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, too. Respite care allows for the usual carer to take a break from caring and recharge their batteries.

Funding Live-in Care

If you are worried about paying for live-in care, it is worth checking out the available funding options. We recommend booking a care assessment with your local authority – they will be able to determine whether any benefits are available to you.

If it is determined that medical or personal care is necessary for you or your loved one, the local council will be able to fund at least a part of your service.

They will perform a financial assessment to determine the amount of funding needed. The benefit of home care, in this instance, is the fact that the value of your property will not be taken into consideration during the financial assessment. You will then be able to choose which care provider you go with.

To find out more about home care costs at Home Instead, click here. We also recommend checking out Which? Elderly Care Cost Calculator.

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