What is the difference between a Companion and a Caregiver?

What is the difference between a Companion and a Caregiver?


Caregiver is an umbrella term that refers to all types of care services. This means that a caregiver can be involved in medical care, personal or companion care, amongst many others. It generally means that the person is involved in caring for people.

A companion is a caregiver, but a caregiver may not necessarily be working as a companion.


A companion is a term specific to companionship care. A companion is someone that is there for you or your loved ones, spending time with them and developing a meaningful relationship.

A companionship relationship is based on the idea that having a person to spend quality time with can help combat loneliness and isolation long term.

It can improve an elderly person’s mood by helping them live a more fulfilling life within the comfort of their home. A satisfying social life has been proven to lead to a healthier mind and body.

A companion provides a non-medical type of home care, which does not normally involve more intrusive types of personal care such as bathing or dressing a person.

However, companion care and personal care can be combined in a care plan, just like any other type of care.

Here are some examples of different types of care services we offer at Home Instead:

How can we help?

Our caregiving companions are there to improve your family member’s quality of life. They can do this by encouraging them to engage in social activities, to rekindle lost passions and to discover new hobbies.

Companionship carers are a friendly face your loved one can turn to if they are feeling down, bored or lonely.

At Home Instead Bromley we understand the importance of a genuine connection – this is why we match our Care Professionals to our care recipients according to their interests, hobbies and personalities.

That way we can ensure that your loved ones and their companions will always have something to bond over and to create new memories. Home Instead’s carers can also help with grocery shopping, medical appointments and social activities. 

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