How does being a Care Professional with Home Instead fit in with family and school life?

Our Care Professionals, Kelly and Jess, tell us why it’s a fantastic role for them!

Have your kids gone back to school recently? Perhaps you’ve got older children ready to ‘fly the nest’ or head off to University. At Home Instead, we have the perfect role to fit in with family life and filling up those spare hours. You can do something meaningful and build new relationships whilst being there for the important family stuff. Our Care Professionals, Kelly and Jess, share how the role works for them…

How did you find out about Home Instead and what drew you to apply?

Kelly:  A few years ago during the Covid-19 pandemic, an advert for Home Instead popped up on my Facebook. At the time I was looking after my elderly aunt and her friend and I was really enjoying it. When I read the advert I thought it sounded fantastic… and that’s where it all started. 

I still manage to see my auntie every Thursday. She comes along to some of the Home Instead events and really enjoys them.

Jess:  I used to run a networking group originally for women in business in Shoreham. Liz (Owner of Home Instead) came along to the group and we got chatting. My personal circumstances changed shortly after that and I needed steady income as I was previously self-employed. 

I’d never considered a career in care before, but remembered Liz and Home Instead so I contacted her. I always thought the role would be temporary but here we are 5 years later. The role ticks all the boxes for me, fits in with my children’s needs and I just love it.

How does the role fit in with home life and having children?

Kelly:  For me it’s absolutely fantastic because I have been able to do all the school runs. It was really important to me to be there for my son who is now in year 6. I could drop him off at school, go to my visits with clients and then pick him up from school when I’ve finished. He doesn’t need me quite as much now as he walks home from school, but I have loved being around for him. 

I’ve never missed a sports day. They are so kind in the office, if you say you have an unexpected commitment or an event they will do their best to find cover so you don’t miss things and they are really understanding

Jess:  I’m very fortunate as over the years and I have been building up my lovely regular clients. I work between 9:15am and 2:30pm so it’s perfect. 

There is the possibility of doing evening and weekend work. I work every other Saturday when the children are with their dad. If I am asked to cover visits in the evenings or outside school hours I say yes if I can do it or no if I can’t so it’s perfect for me.

There have been lots of development opportunities for me over the years and I am happy that my role has expanded. I am a Community Liasion Officer as well as a Care Professional for Home Instead and this fits in whenever. I can do it from home and it fits in around the kids being at school.

Do you find you still have time to enjoy family life?

Kelly:  Absolutely. You can choose your hours and there is always availability if you would like to do overtime. I can pick up more hours on the weekend if my son has things going on which is really helpful. For me, the role is a great work-life balance and I know that when my son gets older, I can pick up more hours if I want to. The live-in care overnight visits also work really well for me. My son sleeps through the night so I don’t miss out on anything!

Home Instead has provided me with a new career opportunity and I am doing my diploma in Health and Social care. It’s been brilliant learning lots of new things and the job fits in perfectly with my lifestyle.

Jess:  Yes I do because Care Professional work time is contained within the visits. You don’t have to go home and send lots of emails after a long day, so I get to spend quality time with my children in the evenings. It’s a great work-life balance in comparison to other jobs I’ve had in the past.

Would you recommend home instead to other parents looking to start a new career?

Kelly:  Yes, definitely! I have recommended Home Instead to quite a few school mums that I chat to at the school gates. I always sing their praises.

Jess:  I certainly would and I have on a number of occasions! Many people have preconceptions about what care really is and once you meet the lovely clients, you end up not worrying about things like personal care. I never thought I could do it but this changes quickly once you build relationships with people and you just want to help them.

What is your favourite thing about the role?

Kelly:  I just love meeting the clients. Every client is different and I love adapting to each of their needs. I love their history and learning about them. It’s great to feel as though you’ve made a difference and I feel better in myself. Sometimes you can go into a visit and the client might be feeling a little bit down. It’s great to have a chat and lift their spirits.

Jess:  I don’t think I could choose just one thing, it’s a combination of many. I love my clients and building up a relationship with them. The support I receive from the office is great, everyone is lovely and helpful and this is really important to me. I think when you feel supported in your job, it makes you a better parent because you aren’t stressed about work and feeling under pressure. There is also so much variety in the role which is wonderful.

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