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Supporting you to continue living life at Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch

We believe as you age, you should continue to live in the comfort of your own home.

Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch are an award-winning care provider that supports individuals to remain as independent at home as possible.

Private live in carers provide a number of benefits such as helping around the house with simple domestic tasks and light housekeeping, meal preparation and medication reminders,

Whether you need respite care, domiciliary care, or help with simple domestic tasks. Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch are here to offer you one-to-one support, in your own home.

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What is live-in care?

Live-in care is a safe alternative to residential care. A carefully matched, local Care Professional will remain in your home to support you when you need it most. So you can stay in familiar surroundings while still receiving the personal care you need.

What are live-in care services?

Live-in care from Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch is when a trained caregiver stays with you all day, every day. They give you care support, assistance and companionship so you can live comfortably and familiarly at home.

To ensure a person’s continued quality of life, the personal care duties performed by a live-in carer may include:

  • Bathing
  • Washing and dressing
  • Helping with their personal and oral hygiene
  • Toileting
  • Maintenance of their appearance.

Who is live-in care suitable for?

Lots of people employ a live-in care provider to assist them with their basic care needs. The care recipient may not be seriously ill but feel they need company and low-level support in the home.

But sometimes people have long-term illnesses or disabilities, which means they require additional support from experienced live-in carers with basic everyday household tasks. Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch

How do you pay for live-in care?

Live-in care can be paid for through council funding or privately. This is based on an assessment of your financial situation and care needs. The local authority will decide whether it is them, or you who is to pay for live-in care. The local authority may also decide that it requires a combination of both options.

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What is a live-in carer?

A live-in carer from Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch is a fully qualified care provider who stays in your home with you to care for your needs.

They can assist you with daily tasks around the house, personal care, and getting out and about.

They are also available to offer emotional support and companionship. They will sit with you while you relax with a cup of tea or watch your favourite TV program.

Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch live-in caregivers also offer a concierge service, which includes helping with extra activities like collecting medication, feeding your pets, and light gardening work.

Our live-in caregivers have a variety of areas of expertise, including end-of-life care, palliative care, and dementia care. So we will find both you and your family a perfectly matched carer to support you all.

Why would you need a live-in carer?

Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch live-in care provides a greater opportunity to live independently as well as significant improvements in your quality of life. From companionship to help around the home, we’re here when you need us the most.

What will your live-in carer need?

Your live-in carer will need a bedroom and is entitled to a 2-hour break each day (or 14 hours a week). They will also need somewhere to keep their clothes and have access to a bathroom and kitchen when they are on call 24 hours a day.

Do live-in carers stay overnight?

If a live-in caregiver is providing you with 24-hour care, they will stay in your house and be available to you throughout the night. This is called sleeping night live-in carer work. This means they can help you up to twice every night so they can get enough rest to help you again the next day.

How much do live-in carers cost?

There is no easy answer to how much live-in care costs. It all depends on the live-in care service you need; how many hours of care you require each day. Live-in care fees can range widely.

It is best to call Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch on 01202 853197. Speak to our care team to find out what help you need to get an estimate on the live-in care cost.

How do I arrange a live-in carer?

However complicated you may think your care needs are; one of our live-in carers will help with any specialist care and support you need.

To arrange live-in care call Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch today at 01202 853197

Do live-in carers do cleaning?

A live-in carer from Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch offers round-the-clock care with 24-hour support. You or your elderly relative can have peace of mind that someone will always be around to help. From cooking and cleaning to a simple conversation to support mental health.

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What Are The Benefits of Live-in Care?

  • The security and comfort of living in a familiar environment.
  • Avoiding the potential stress associated with selling a family property.
  • Safeguarding inheritance.
  • The prevention of separation from cherished pets
  • The ability to pick what and when to eat, with prepared meals available upon request.
  • Couples and partners who are married may continue to live together.
  • Personalised high-quality care and attention unmatched by residential homes
  • Complete continuity of care
  • Live-in carers assigned to you
  • And so much more
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Why choose Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch?

Choosing Home Instead Bournemouth & Christchurch as your live-in care agency, you will gain our team of care professionals. Our care professionals go above and beyond to support you and everyone in their community.

We are proud that we can carefully match our Live-in Care Professionals with hobbies and interests so they fit right in with the family.

All of our Healthcare Professionals are highly trained in all aspects of care, including if you require specialist support. Our fully managed service means your loved one won’t have to move into a nursing home.

We are registered with the care quality commission (CQC)

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What Our Clients Enjoy:

  • That they don’t need to move out and leave their family home
  • The companionship of their care professional
  • They are spending quality time with their family knowing help is at hand
  • Minimal risk with only one person being in the home
  • They can hire a respite care provider to give family members a break
  • The care package is tailored to their needs
  • One-to-one support they receive from their professional caregiver

Find out more about our live-in care services by visiting our website or calling 01202 853197

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