Easing the NHS Strain in Bournemouth: The Road Home with Home Instead Care

The National Health Service (NHS) is a cornerstone of British society, providing care and support to millions across the nation. However, with stretched resources, the NHS often faces the challenge of patients occupying hospital beds longer than medically necessary, not due to their health, but because suitable care arrangements at home are not in place. This is where Home Instead can provide a vital service to ease the burden on our hospitals and help patients return to the comfort of their homes with the care they need.

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Care and Support

At Home Instead Bournemouth and Christchurch,

We recognise the importance of facilitating a smooth transition from hospital to home. Our Care Professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality support, from Highcliffe to Bournemouth centre and up to Hurn and Sopley, that caters to both the physical and emotional well-being of individuals recovering from hospital stays.

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Care Professionals in Christchurch

Take John, for example, a local client who suffered a fall that had him admitted to hospital. While he was fortunate to escape without any broken bones, his confidence took a major hit. Understanding his needs, our local team worked closely with the Hospital Discharge Team to ensure John could return home safely and receive ongoing support.

The key to John’s success was the personalised, consistent care he received from our Care Professionals, particularly Kay, who went above and beyond in her efforts. Through daily exercises and assistance with daily tasks, they helped rebuild John’s confidence. Initially, Kay undertook tasks such as shopping on John’s behalf, but as his strength and confidence grew, she gently encouraged John to venture outside.

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Learning to Walk Outside

Their perseverance paid off – starting with just a few tentative steps outside his house, John gradually became able to walk all the way to the local Sainsbury’s, a goal he had set for himself with Kay’s support and an achievement he was really chuffed with! This accomplishment is a testament to the transformative impact of compassionate care and the nurturing of a trusting relationship between Care Professional and client.

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Walking again

Recovery at Home

Our flexible approach at Home Instead means care can often be arranged on short notice. We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, and our goal is to tailor our services to those specific requirements. Whether it’s providing companionship, helping with physical therapy exercises, or offering a helping hand with household chores, we create a care plan that fits.

A familiar face and a consistent routine can make all the difference in recovery and regaining independence. Home Instead is committed to making that difference by delivering the care and support needed to help our clients thrive in their own environments.

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recovery at home

“It was nice to have help and care in my own home after my operation. I looked forward to the company each day (Monday - Friday). Six weeks soon passed and I would use them again, when needed.”

CS Client
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If you or a loved one are anticipating a hospital discharge but are concerned about the care that may be required at home, please reach out to us. Learn how our local hospital to home care could support a smooth, confident, and, most importantly, a safe transition back home.

Learn more about our home care services in your local area of Bournemouth and Christchurch by calling us on 01202 853197 or for job opportunities apply online.