Step back in time with our five historical outings in Hull and the East Riding

We’ve pulled together a collection of five places of historical interest in Hull and the East Riding for you to explore

Much like the rest of the UK, Hull and the East Riding has a rich history. From homegrown politicians like William Wilberforce to architecture that dates back hundreds of years, the past surrounds us.

If you or your older friends and relatives want to take a step back in time with a historical day out, why not try one of our following recommendations? We’ve pulled together a collection of five places of historical interest in Hull and the East Riding for you to explore.

Burton Constable Hall and Gardens

Set in over 300 acres of stunning East Riding countryside, Burton Constable Hall is a sight to behold. A grade I listed building, Burton Constable Hall has a long history that dates back to the 12th Century — a time before it became the seat of the Constable family.

In the family for over 700 years, the Hall holds within itself a narrative of time. There are many magnificent rooms to explore, collections of curiosities, furniture and artworks to view, and history to discover. And what opulence! You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into an episode of Downton Abbey! You can buy tickets online or at reception.

Burton Constable Hall and Gardens

Beverley Minster and St. Mary’s Church

Located at either end of the centre of Beverley, both Beverley Minster and St. Mary’s Church are steeped in history and have a lot to offer the avid historian. Expect spectacular architecture, beautiful wood and stone carvings and a spiritual sanctuary.

Each building has something unique to offer the visitor. The Minster, with 1300 years of history behind it, has 500-year-old carved Misericords, and St. Mary’s, with 900 years of serving the local populace, holds a series of over 600 magnificent ceiling bosses. Both locations are wheelchair accessible, and the Minster has biweekly tours, which you can book online.

Beverley Minster and St. Mary’s Church

The Fred Elwell Trail

Many of you may have noticed the series of paintings dotted around the buildings of Beverley. Painted by local 19th Century artists Fred and Mary Elwell, these artworks constitute the Elwell Trail. The trail is a fabulous opportunity to tour the historic town of Beverley and its beautiful architecture and discover the variety of paintings by Fred and Mary.

The ‘Paint the town Fred and Mary’ Trail guide can be downloaded from the Beverley Civic Society website or collected from the Tourist Information Office in The Treasure House. The Civic Society website also outlines many architecturally significant buildings around the town.

Beverley Civic Society

The Streetlife Museum

Take a trip down memory lane at Hull’s Streetlife Museum. In the heart of Hull’s old town, right next to the River Hull, the Streetlife Museum is just the place to step back in time! A favourite amongst young and old alike, the museum showcases changes in transport over the last 200 years, with real-life examples of horse-drawn carriages, trains, trams, buses and cars from bygone years.

The exhibition also includes an old street scene with a toy shop, sweet shop, pharmacy, a co-operative food store and an old ironmonger, amongst others. With displays from before and within living memory, grand- and great-grandparents can show grandchildren how it used to be done! And if your elderly relatives want to bring back childhood memories, then the Streetlife Museum is for you. It’s free entry into the museum, which is accessible to all.

Streetlife Museum – Hull Culture and Leisure

Streetlife Museum – Visit Hull

Memorial Gardens

Memorial gardens are a gentle reminder of the horrors of war when so many of our servicemen, women, and civilians have been lost. But, no matter when they were lost, during the First or Second World War, or in more recent conflicts, spending time in a memorial garden is a peaceful way to appreciate our history and those who gave everything for our future.

The memorial gardens in Beverley and Cottingham are both worth a visit. Located down Hallgate in Cottingham and Hengate in Beverley (next to St. Mary’s Church), both have benches where you and your elderly friends or relatives can sit awhile and remember. The Beverley garden also contains an RAF memorial to RAF Leconfield, now the Defence School of Transport.

Hengate Memoral Gardens

Cottingham Memorial Gardens

Here at Home Instead Hull and Beverley, we provide in-home care and support for the elderly, but we know that receiving home help shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying life! We hope that some of our suggestions have piqued your interest and you can plan an exciting day out for your older friends and relatives.