Congratulations to our new Care Pro Mentors!

Meet Lorraine and Kristina who are our very first Care Pro Mentors

As the team of Care Professionals at Home Instead grows, it’s crucial that we support our new Care Professionals to ensure they are well trained, comfortable and confident to provide outstanding quality care to our clients.

To assist with this we’d like to congratulate two of our excellent Care Pros for their promotion to Care Pro Mentor.  Lorraine and Kristina have a wealth of experience between them and will use that experience to lend a helping hand to our newest team members.  The role will be to work as a mentor and buddy to new care pros as they finish training.  This will include having new care pros shadow them on their visits.  The mentors will then attend visits with the new care pros to support them as they get to know their own clients.  Lorraine and Kristina will also be the first port of call for any niggling questions or concerns that a new care pro may have in their early days.

Let’s get to know Lorraine and Kristina a little better and find out what brought them to care.


Before working for Home Instead, I worked as an Operations Manager for 18 years in the Design, Artwork and CGI sector.  For me this involved managing a team of 80+ people and being totally responsible for the CGI team.  When Covid hit things changed for all of us and I found myself working from home and then had some time on furlough.  The time I spent at home not working made me realise that there is more to life than hard work.  When I returned to work after furlough, I knew things had changed for me and I was no longer enjoying it so needed to get out.  So, I took early retirement and six months to think about what I wanted to do next.  As I had always wanted to be a nurse or work with the elderly, I started looking around and found material posted on Linkedin for Hone Instead.  I went for an interview, joined in February 2022 and the rest is history.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, cycling, walking and fishing.  I am extremely close to my family and spend most of my spare time with some or all of them.  I have a great nephew called Mason who I look after on a Tuesday and I really love being able to do that and see him grow and develop into a gorgeous young boy.  I also have 4 cats which Mason loves to boss about.

An interesting fact about me is that I was once on a TV quiz show….. Pyramid Game…. you are all probably way to young to have heard of it.  Needless to say, I didn’t win anything but it was great fun.


Hello! or “Labas!” – as we say in Lithuania.

My name is Kristina. I came to live in England nearly 8 years ago. I share a house with my partner, daughter, two stepdaughters, a dog and a cat. I love new challenges in my life and one of the newer ones for me is learning to ride a motorcycle. I am also an active member of Lithuanian Social Club “Linas” where I take part in many events including dancing, singing, assisting in event organising. I loved acting in Lithuanian amateur theatre.

I always wondered “What could be my dream job?”. Now I have an answer – to be a Care Professional. I have worked with Home Instead for over two years and I love helping those people who are in need of support. A smile on a client’s face is the best reward I can get at the end of my visit.

Home Instead is the most friendly, caring and responsible company I have ever worked before. Managers always answer all my questions and support me whenever I need it. Home Instead prioritises their clients’ and carers’ wellbeing. If think care might be the job for you, don’t look any further! Come and join us!